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Friday, August 28, 2009


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Neely 'knows' something big is about to happen in Gold based on wave structure, but he cant quantify why.


Ticker symbol DGP is Double Long Gold

200% leveraged ETF for gold bull move


up to now all the technicals and chart structures were extremely positive for gold , the seasonal impact, similar paths in 2003,you name it, except for a possible u turn in the dollar and in the markets that were suposedly negative for gold.
Exact on the same date as in 2003 decoupling seems to have started.
In 2003 it lasted 3,5 months .
If this means that gold gets a free hand i suspect we're going to see a very nice leg up now which would confirm the continuation of a parabolic that should see a major surge again after the correction that will probably occcur end of october beginning of november and which would follow seasonal influences.
Idf deoupling is a fact i do not see why we would not reach 1150 now by the end of september .
Intersting times
I think i wait one moreday for confirmation and i go for it.

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