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Thursday, August 27, 2009


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Mike B

Good article. I think as the market and economy start to head off the cliff so will his ratings. I agree on the health care topic. I have no clue why they would even attempt to nationalize it and tax everyone to hell. I think the goal of the government is to make everyone poor so be beg for universal care so they can control who we go to when we get care etc.

worst indicator

Presidential Approval Rankings and Stocks...

this would be the worst indicator to make money.

"I think the goal of the government is to make everyone poor"... that ain't true either... look at gs and aig. they still get paid huge bonuses that they do not deserve.

are we running out topics?



I don't know if anyone uses other TA here like the McClellan Summation/Oscillator. If you look at it back from Feb this year to now, looks like a triangle (wrong word maybe to describe it). A spurt up in the Oscillator would complete the triangle and the result is bearish IMHO. Let me know if anyone sees it?



Confirm that Prechter went short 100% recommendation this morning? You likely get his emails.


Yes! Prechter released an "interim report" that stated that the end is nigh and it is time to go short.
He released it a little after 9AM this morning.

heinrich von liebensraum, IV, esq

the chinese market has fallen 20% in less than a month

Pretty good call by sornette

china market hasn't been this out of sync with us in my memory

Mike McQuaid

SPX, look for the fib days off the March low til the 25% retrace, the days from the beginning of this rally in July til today and the total days off the March low on the Lucas sequence. This chart is at a crossroads.


Prechter has been on fire lately!


Poop has been on fire lately in a brown bag someone stomped out at their doorstep.

majestic tiger

from alink DG posted somedays back, opinion on Robert Prechter

""Based on our judgment, Robert Prechter's accuracy rate is about 33%, which is very poor. However, especially because of his very long forecasting horizon, the sample is much too small for reliable inference.
In fact, Mr. Prechter's reported forecasting horizon is so long that testing multiple independent forecasts within his or any evaluator's lifetime is problematic.""

if you can sell it well, people will buy almost anything.


Yeah, nobody was buying when your name was just tiger. But add a little majesty and, oh boy, stuff is flying off the shelves.

Prechter was calling the markets when you were bopping cheerleaders. Show a little RESPECT. The man built a hospital for god's sake.


Did you see the action of today?
Did we witness a decoupling of gold and dollar?
Is this a repeat of 2005 at the exact same day? They started to rally togehter up to begining of december.
Can this be a major signal??
I welcome your comments


It does appear that he released an interim EWT

(bottom of page)


George from Greece

Year 2009 has been described as Hexagram 29 named 坎 (kǎn) with a very brief one-line description here:

whereas my Chinese text has 5 pages description on Kan. Give me some time, I shall find you the more complete version online,hopefully before Sept 19, (when the deepening entrapment/ 2nd abysmals suppose to start)....

YiJing is a book of philosophy and strategies(much as the Sun Tze's Art of War) but the modern men has turn it into a Tarot tool:

and here


Intresting comparision of 1974 with 2009.

Rate of jobless in 1974 and 2009 is very similiar:

So how SP500 behaved in 1974 and now:

Hank Wernicki


Yep and countless other fractals are showing the same TOP !


swimmy, yes he did, with some caveats for traders


Possible sizeable/tradable correction coming up? Yes, a good possibility.

Start of next leg down, not yet, especially if Prech says so...

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