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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


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anon_aka_TERA BAAP

the CAPITULTATION..of Neely, proving himself to be the FOOL that he is..was probably the Prerequisute..for this bear market bounce to end..the same CLOWN who kept his Subscriber OUT of market for biggest rally in History..has now gone Bullish, this is excellent..someone tell CLOWN neely that we have not even done a 50% retrace of the decline and he is now claiming bear to be OVER?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Neely subscriber will be wishing for FULL refund as we begin HUGE decline over next couple of weeks..but in theory Neely should have at least waited for 61.8% retrace (SPX 1229) to be Exceed before he say bear is over.. cannot belive anyone pays for this! hopefully he will explain why he is always so wrong


Neely didn't turn bullish. At best, he said the low might be in. I e-mailed him two criticisms of his new count and he replied that they were valid points. I am 90% sure that what he sent out today is not the count and won't be a factor in his trading going forward. There is on variation on the count he sent out today that I give a slight chance of being the real count, but it would likely mean the low is not in.

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