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Thursday, September 17, 2009


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yelnick, thanks for caring enough to give a heads-up.


"For those of you who are shorter-term traders, there is a growing chance the market is about to top, at least for a deeper pullback then we have seen for a month."


What are your thoughts on a long term trade, or perhaps some way out there leap puts?


psycho, I plan to make a long term post this weekend, also updating everyone on Neely's latest thinking

Mamma Boom Boom

I got a short term sell at the close. Could develop into something bigger. I usually don't comment on short term signals, but since we're talking ................

New ewaver

Could someone stake me?


YelniK.. any comment on Neely's recent warning in regard to a potential fundamental change in his LT count....
thanks in advance !


I got a swing trading SELL signal as well at 1067 points... nothing to take it seriously since it's a 55+% system in what regards to ratios of winning %'s.


Sure, where would you like to be staked, heart, eye navel...?


chartman, I will post something about this by this weekend. he didn't propose a new count just a new possibility

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