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Sunday, September 13, 2009


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da bear

that is what i have been thinking.
DOW 10,000 could be it.

i am not sure if gold can run if stocks turn down.

i think gold is in wave 5 of B of the November lows. i think it can run to $1,100 but that is probably the maximum gain from here.

da bear


People often anchor their thoughts around whatever numbers/images they hear early on. It's why bazaar vendors always starts with a ridiculously high number.

I think there's a decent chance that Prechter's longstanding prediction for the next major low will be too high. We might well be looking at a double digit Dow or the sort of world where the Dow disappears like the Russian stock market in 1917. I just think we hit a stretch of confidence so anomalous it will be corrected more powerfully than the credit crises of the 30s.


I prefaced my last comment the way I did because Prechter is often taken as the low "extreme" by newspapers and even websites like this one that you'd expect to be varied and fringe-y.



So will you be shorting all the way to double digits?


The area of the previous 4th (29-32) is 400-40 dow points.

Prechter says we are ending the Grand Supercycle so basically that is where he says we are going.

If we end a millennium wave then his charts have the previous 4th as 1-10 points (south sea bubble)

I don't this shorts would get paid.


Oh my Gosh, OH MY GOSH

Another loss with Neely - thrid one within one week !!! Neely - a new GURU o selling bottom, buying top !!!!

Mamma Boom Boom

""Well, with Mercury retrograde you can throw out the rules, and with Saturn in opposition to Uranus, financial markets (and world leaders) may once again be blindly approaching the precipice of a cliff that they can’t even see right before their eyes, arguing all the time as they begin to step over the edge. If this makes sense to you, then you must be well versed in Financial Astrology, for there is nothing else in the realm of logic that could possibly explain what is now happening… and about to happen in the next two months.

In fact, there are a whole lot of things that should be making politicians, world leaders, and investors very nervous right now, for the symbolic meaning of Saturn and Uranus is “losing control,” as in “a sudden state of crisis.” It can be explosive, and with Pluto also changing directions now, it can also be a very dangerous period. But which market (or government) is going to fall? Equities? Precious metals? Currencies against the Dollar? Crude Oil? The market is saying each could topple, but… that is not logical.""

--Whoa Dude!


Now I feel more informed.


Another loss with Neely - thrid one within one week !!! Neely - a new GURU o selling bottom, buying top !!!!

Man, relax. Neely's winning percentage trades over the past year is about 60%. With that win-loss probability, the odds of any given three trades in a row being losers is 6.4%, so it's bound to have happened at some point.


And just trading Neely's monthly forecaster would have one up 50% so far in 2009. I use this for my wife's retirement account that is limited to mutual funds. Up 116% over the past 2.5 years.



Hey Ned:

And don't forget, since Pluto is no longer a planet, that's going to change everything around by the square root of 1.618 divided by the cube root of a dice throw

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