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Tuesday, September 01, 2009


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Astro Trades

55 Fibonacci trading days from July low puts us around late September on the Mars trine Uranus cycle for a meaningful top.

If this dip bottoms Friday, it should be nice trade for run to new highs into Mars trine Uranus.


Wise advice!!


dream on


is glen neely on vacation?


gold usd further decoupling


Neely's Gold trade is taking off, get long while you still can.

Try buying symbol DGP (double long Gold)

Gold may hit $2100 an ounce if US Dollar collapses or Iranian instability.


Dollar was moving side ways for past 2 weeks, and you should not look for 1:1 correlation.


Gold may hit $2100 an ounce if US Dollar collapses or Iranian instability.

sounds like TV commercial..


gold seems to go up..and the dollar is trying as well.
That is the real news


June dollar index
77.50 on august 4
78.50 on september 2

where do you see the "real news"? you are referring to anticipation of stock market falls.


george, Neely has been quiescent for the past few weeks. Today for the first time he has popped up with more confidence in his positions: S&P down (key level to watch is 986), rates down/notes up, gold up, and Euro down. I do not follow gold very closely, but STu and Neely both see a fast runup right now. STU then sees a major fall.


where does stu and NEELY see gold after THIS leg up (first phase ending probably around oct 10, following seasonal patterns?)

EWI Hates Gold

Uh huh! Here we go again with EWI. Every damn time since gold broke over $300 those clowns say it is heading to $200. Every damn time it has a nice move up they jump on the bandwagon saying it is going up - DUH! - and will then fall.

Two things:

1) Those clowns at EWI have no credibility when speaking about gold and after a dismal ten-year record should just shut the hell up.

2) All you jokers talking about now is a time to buy gold and you talk about ETFs, GLD, and so forth, need to either study the market or stay the hell out. If you want to buy paper gold, the likes of which has committed each ounce of physical gold by almost one hundred times, then go buy some toilet paper because it will be as valuable in a crash as your stupid paper gold promises-to-deliver.

There are more idiots spouting off about gold and know nothing about the unique market that is gold.


could yoo please post with using maximum 2 times the word idiot or similar next time?
but independantly on this remark.I think mines are a better deal


gold is complex. i sold gold call options two times, and eventually made big money. but for several weeks, i wished i sold puts instead.

big players like rich people, e.g. jimmy, and IMF, make gold market difficult to trade.

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