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Monday, October 12, 2009


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don c

STU is a pimp coulda nevera outfought santino

Jing Chen

NYSE A/D line is still confirming while Naz A/D line is breaking down. Naz relative strength (compared to S&P, see chart below) has topped out and is diverging lower.$COMP

Naz has been the leader/early adopter in this rally. Naz relative strength bottomed months before Naz bottomed. So it looks like Naz will now lead on the downside again and bring NYSE down with it. This would help to explain why we could have a top with NYSE being so strong. This has been keeping me at night recently.

In the next a few days, the market will probably go back and forth to round out a nice top formation, before going down in earnest. So there is still a chance to exit long and go short.

Not sure if this will be the P3 top. But should be at least an intermediate degree top. There are just too many divergences to take it lightly.

By the way, Yelnick, is STU considering this DJIA top to be an expanding diagonal triangle pattern? I am curious how they count this, now that their P3 count is gone.



Are you aware that there is an extra-terrestrial staring at the back of your head from somewhere at the rear of the spacecraft-submersible you are controlling? He isn't there all the time. Pops his head up every so often to take notes on what you may be contemplating. His delicate skull looks a trifle sunburnt.

~Josef :)


Yes Don Corleone, Hochner is a fonzanoon but remember, Santino was a hot head that got himselfa killed.

I say we senda Carmine and Tony to take care of thata jibone.

One well placed scafombaggia will send that fanook Hochner crying home to mama.

Meantime we enjoy some ganool and vino, whatdayasay?

Doroteo Arango

Neely is standing aside ????

That is because he has no money left to bet...

He needs people like DG to renew the subscription to keep gambling. Gleen Neely is a loser!! is his boyfriend DG!!

Doroteo Arango


Doroteo, Neely is a classy guy. He also knows when to stand up and be counted, and when to keep his mouth shut.


Jing Chen, STU is still on P3, but the Dow's move today blows their prior call of Sep23 being the top. The simplest way to recount this is to make Sep23 the end of wave 3 of C, and wave 4 ending Oct2. This means we could have topped today; but more likely we continue to the next levels of Sp1185/ Dow10050 and then Sp1121/Dow10334. Then P3.

They have rejected the ending diagonal interpretation. They also see diagonals (triangles that fit in a 5 position, such as C of a zigzag or wave 5 of an impulse) as contracting wedges; they don't believe there is an expanding diagonal triangle.

Big event tomorrow is Intel. The early read is that they will miss. This may have driven the Naz down today. Intel is slightly up after-hours. We'll see.


Is anyone watching devlopments in T-bills? Thoughts?


Jing Chen

Thanks Yelnick. I am very glad to have found your blog. Everyday I monitor markets on Google Finance, MarketWatch and Then I read EWI, your blog and watch

I appreciate your summary analysis as well as your own discourse on different topics. It is a lot of work and I know you probably enjoy it. Still I learned a lot from this blog and I appreciate it.

Please keep up the great work. :)


Looks like Dorothy Chango get herself taken advantage of by Neely sometime in the recent past.

I guess when she said she knew him personally she wasn't kidding.

Looks like she knew him a little too well though...

Is that where you got the $3000 for your challenge Dorothy? I'll give you a job if that's what you need?

small minded sexist

time for you to keep your mouth shut.
small minded sexist


Even though you didn't understand the nature of my comment, of course I'll take the advise of someone lacking the spine to use their own name, I mean wouldn't you? seems like the logical thing to do.

I am sure your balls are min(ature).

I am sure your balls are min.


No no no. You got it wrong. The left one is named Doroteo and the right one is called Arango.

And if you ask your sister, she'll confirm they are actually quite large with a very pleasing swing.

Go ahead just ask her.

your brain or balls?

Which one is more insulting to you?

Your brain is min(iature)?
or Your balls are min(iature)?


Having your brain on my balls I guess would be the most insulting

Ned Bushong

Min. Cut the crap! I am sick of your B.S.


Well Ned it takes 2 to tango doesn't it


Yelnik, it is time to monitor comments on this blog before they are posted. Half the posted comments have nothing to do about the market and are just personal attacks and a waste of bandwidth.

Ned Bushong

Crap. Go Back To Where You Came From.


Dorito Arango = Dow Predator?

Mamma Boom Boom

Just out of curiosity, how was someone able to take my name?

Mamma Boom Boom

I see a difference, the real one is underlined. Is that a typepad glitch?


I suggest not allowing anyone to use more than one name to post under. That would be a lot easier than monitoring and would enforce some accountability for posts made. Why use random one off names like "Yukman" or "small minded sexist" or "your brain or balls" etc.

Censoring posts is time consuming and may put a bias on the content and reduce the effectiveness of the Blog, but of course it's your call.

mini balls said

Well Ned it takes 2 to tango doesn't it

mini balls said


Dorothy, is that all you got?

I thought you might be worth sparring with, obviously you're dumber than a box of rocks.


>>Dorito Arango = Dow Predator?

Close! Dorito Arango = Dow Predator's IQ x ½

Mamma Boom Boom

min, I ran a forum for several years. I finally got sick of these kinds of people and the spam. Pulled the Plug!


Well, let's hope the technology has improved to the point where we can handle this without resorting to that. Seems like getting rid of this Doroteo Fuckwitz character would improve things a lot.

By the way, I also noticed the missing underline. Most names don't have it but I know yours does.


Does INTC earnings matter? According to EW theory the market makes the news.

Bev D

I take it you have issues with ---->Columbus Day ?


Bev D, my issues are with the PC crowd for demonizing Columbus Day, not with Columbus himself. A great man in history. He may not have discovered America first, but he certainly uncovered it for European civilization! I bet America got discovered many times, back to Roman or even Phoenician times. I have even seen an argument that a land called Merica was known to the ancients well before Columbus, and that the name came from that tradition not Amerigo Vespucci.

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