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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


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Mamma Boom Boom

Mine works just fine, no problem.


I like it.


Yep - good idea

Mamma Boom Boom

Today, I had one market indicator go from neutral to sell, and yesterday one from sell to neutral. Sometimes, you can't win.

Doroteo Arango

I like it..My ID works.

I just hope that DG and Min are able to post, so we can keep discussing about
DG'S boyfriend (Neely).

Doroteo Arango


works for me !


Great, thanks! Hopefully this will keep the riff-raff out

patrick neid

works perfect.....

Doroteo Arango

Where are DG and min?

We are going to miss them!

Doroteo Arango


This is a good start but unfortunately Dorkoteo, snuck in and he's just as shameless as ever.

Listen, Dorko, I personally don't know Neely's work one way or the other. It seems to work for DG and others and only the ocassional idiot seems to make general disparaging remarks about the guy.

I can only conclude you have some beef with Neely because his advise and your inexperience at some time cost you a wad of money and you haven't gotten around to taking responsibility for your own actions.

Everyone here would apreciate you leaving those emotions at home. You really do a diservice to the name Doroteo Arango (alias Pancho Villa) —he was amodern day Robin Hood for the poor people of Northern Mexico, a hero to them.

I don't know why you chose that handle but everytime you spread generalized insinuations about Neely, to anyone with any trading experience you flash a big neon sign reading DORKO IS AN AMATEUR and you sully Doroteo's name.

I don't have any problem tearing you a new a-hole when you are asking for it but most people here don't like that sort of thing so it's time for you to move on or reflect and grow up.



Re Neely - I don't have an affiliate relationship with him as I do with EWI, but he does provide me his service & I have read his book. He has clearly extended EW to the next level. His work seems complex but it is mostly just less familiar to ewavers. He has in effect updated Gann and integrated some of Gann's less mystic ideas into EW, and from that he creates time frames to measure moves - somewhat like a fractal that has a predictive distance/time to travel. Very useful, if not always right. He has the good sense at times to back off until a pattern clarifies.  He seldom puts the end of a move at the high/low point, but at the point it breaks the 'box' of the prior move.  
Those of you who dump on him surprise me, since besides being childish it shows a lack of knowledge of his work. 
Prechter in contrast has been heavily criticized, especially since he kept calling the top during the great bull market of the '90s. He repeated what I called Wolf! Wolf! calls in the Greenspan Bubble as well, prematurely expecting an end. Since he has set himself up as the main EW expert, he has also subjected himself to be the lightening rod of criticism about EW. Yet we should all recognize that he has the courage of his convictions, and has been prescient about the current economic climate, even if his timing has been woefully premature. 
I don't mind vigorous and colorful commentary, but I would request that the criticism in this blog should be of the target's work, not of ad hominem attacks and childish verbal prancing.

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