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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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Mamma Boom Boom

When do the bulls start the celebration? Where's the volume?


Quite honestly, I couldn't care less about Volume.
My clearing firm pays me based on PRICE, not volume!

Michael Locker

Yeah, I'm happy to celebrate! I sold most of my long position today and will hold onto about a third of it. I have been bullish since the spring and, thankfully, I've been right.

Still bullish over the next year but neutral over the next few months.


I'll just let the market stop me out, no sense changing something that's worked for 7 months.

Did the bears go into hybernation since yesterday's housekeeping?

Or were those cockroaches seeking darkness —pretty quiet around here.

Mamma Boom Boom

Michael & Michael Sisters, you girls tickle me. My bet is you
jumped on board after I jumped out. That means you've only pulled a few percentage points out, if your lucky.


Easy there Nedster.
My, you have such a thin "skin".
I probably trade more shares in ONE DAY then you trade in a quarter, or perhaps even a year . . . But if you want to continue to think that VOLUME is important, go right ahead and be my guest.

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