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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


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Mamma Boom Boom

>>Hersheys (cheap chocolate)<<

Also, some of the best. Every year, at Christmas, I dig into chocolate. Their 'Pot of Gold' is as good as you'll find anywhere.


Yes comradskis

Our standard ov leeveeng ids best in gworld:

Hersheys (cheap chocolate)
Hormel (spam)

Eet ees envy ov evrywon


Quite interesting. I was reading yesterday that sales tax was down 8% to 10% nationwide. The core is clearly rotten. Also, the economy is dropping a net 200K jobs a week, not much of a recovery. The 250K they claim month to month is a fiction, as weekly jobless claims are up 200K over normal. 530K is worse than the entire year of 2008 save December. Wasn't 2008 supposed to be a year when recession raged for the entire year? I am beginning to believe we have something akin to Pravda, run by Wall Street and the Fed.


While sales tax rates in California are now over 10% in many counties...

State Government revenues are in deep doo doo and taking the consumer down even faster than would otherwise be the case...

Yeah I guess that's a recovery???

I think I'll tighten up those long stops a bit the "land of milk and honey" crowd is probably still in denial but when they wake up and smell the real world they will fricken freak...

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