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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


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Bear Theory
I have no problem focusing in on making money.
I'm just calling BS on your claim that Bears took profits on their shorts yesterday after so much technical damage was done to the market, let alone a 7:1 negative breadth ratio that reflected across the board weakness and a market that was breaking down.

And as I suggested in my previous post, you failed to give any SPECIFIC explanation whatsoever about why 1045 was a "known" technical target. I guess if we had "gapped" down this morning on the GDP number you would have been claiming to still have been short. LOL!

Thanks for chiming in buddy.
I call BS on you.


I and another main contributor at my blog both had 1045 as a target. I took profits around 1PM ET on a number of short positions.


Read below that was posted yesterday. Also read "wait for re-entries".

You must be SO jealous that bears took profits.

>interesting there are no bears jumping up and down... (hmmmmm......)

I thought it was bulls always jumping up and down about bears (instead of making money). 1045 has been known target, and bears took profits.

Posted by: bears | Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 08:46 AM

Account Deleted


Thanks for sharing the technical data. I have a day job and cannot afford to follow the markets too closely. So it is great to get these free updates. :)

I am focusing on USD these days, as I believe it drives every other markets. And when I say 3rd of 3rd, I mean USD. Other markets have their own wave counts, which are correlated but not exactly the same as USD's.

I am currently long USD only.

Thanks. :)

Mamma Boom Boom

>>The only indicators a trader needs are price, time and logic. Everything else is just subjective.<<

DG, you forgot to say 'IMHO'. Where's your manners, boy?



That's not an opinion. Every indicator simply takes you further away from what really matters, which is price, time and logic.

Mamma Boom Boom

Hmmmm! (#@!#@$#*&(&$%$#^)

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