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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


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Good posts Mr Yelnick. I hate to go against the guru's, but you really need to see my latest post called History Repeats Itself. It's a chart that shows we've been down this road before, and the potential upside (and downside), based on it. Keep up the good work...I am a fan.
Ceo Trader

Roger D.

Kissing the backside of the rising wedge good-bye looks to been a very good call by Prechter and Neely. Currently this morning the futures are down 17, Europe is down hard also.

I think Bernanke's backside will be very sore in the coming days. Ben having to drain liquidity to support the greenback? Or will the equity market decline unwind the dollar carry? What came first the cart or the horse.

The possibility of opening down -25 tomorrow morning should look fitting for the start of P3. Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Merry & Happy Thanksgiving Day for The USA.


You really have outdone yourself with this writeup. I can't stop laughing at your puns and twisted humour. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ice has been broken : Euro back below $1.500 !
(see: )

Chart :

This could be a very important reversal.
Yesterday's rally in Euro, drop in the Dollar may have been a "false break", engineered by the US govt, to permit an ambush on two days that are normally quiet.

FTSE is down big: -5203.16 Change: -161.65 / Percent Change: -3.01%
A big move, indeed.
Next, look for stops to get him on Gold and other commodities.



Thanks to you for providing the blog and the great commentaries you post to attract the many astute commenters you have (along with some "turkeys", of course)!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Ummm... in case anyone cares, Dubai is proposing to delay debt payments, thus risking the biggest sovereign default since Argentina in 2001. S&P's are off 24 handles.


Yep, looks like Michael is one of the few people who actually trade for a living as opposed to those that spend all of their time posting endless drivel about "theory".

Most European markets are off anywhere from 3.2 to 3.6%
The Euro is at 1.5014 and down 0.0120 (0.8%)


Michael and TJ,

You guys should get a room. There's a couple of posts IN THIS THREAD about the overnight action, so acting as if you two guys are the only ones monitoring the ES futures and the Dubai announcement is ludicrous.

Seriously, you guys would impress more people on the Yahoo boards, I'm sure.


what is a good site for overseas numbers?


may be you can call it the desert storm day

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