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Monday, November 23, 2009


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Are you kiddin me with your prediction, it seems you haven't learnt anything from 15 min island reversal

Get. A Life! Dude!


Yeah, that's not nice. I don't know Yelnick, kinda disagree with him on many things related to EW but I think it's uncivilized to ignore his efforts of putting this site together so that people can express views and exchange ideas. Noone obliges us to come here or has obligation to agree with an opinion.

Jim D

Market tops when dollar bottoms, it is that simple.
Dollar will not get stronger (except occasional blips) under Obama rule with Bernanke as fed chairman.

People at EWI must answer why US dollar should not go to zero in relation to other currencies of countries that are govern by responsible people.


Jim D,

"currencies of countries that are govern by responsible people" Who do you have in mind? Oz and NZ, perhaps, but who else?


You talked about uncivilized

I am saving novice from such dangerous blog. Unless at start of every post he says I dont know what market will do but here are my thoughts and not claim he caught bottom and top etc.... And spread belief!


the search for the elusive top guys really don't get it!



I shorted the September and October highs and rode them near to the bottom (I let the market stop me out). That was about 11 SPY points. If you bought the breakout over the August 28th high and held since then, you've made about 7 SPY points. I made more profit in a shorter amount of time going short than someone going long would have made, so it's actually been more profitable search for "the elusive top" for the past 3 months than it's been holding on to longs.

Who doesn't get what now?

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