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Monday, November 30, 2009


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If I was a major foreign holder of US debt I would want land in collateral for default risk. I would tell Mr. O to sign over some red states like Texas and Alaska in exchange for debt forgiveness.

Libs would love it.

Then I would turn around and tell the bankrupt states they
can keep the American flag and local governance and I'll just take 10% cut (lower then the present FED take).

In exchange I would want all environmental regulation absolved and the natural resources strip mined and sent to my stock piles overseas.

In short. I would play hard ball.

You can take your 4% yield on TBill and stick it!


That is funny!

Larry D. Loser

Yeah! Stick that T Bill up their you-know-whats! We are funny on this site! They should make a comedy show about us really, like "Traders" or "Web Traders" or "Hard Ball Finance" or "get Real" or something.


Right now the government can't even keep track of all of the money that is going around. What's even better: Bernanke says that an audit would ruin the recovery. If someone would double check the numbers, it would ruin everything? I guess things are worse than I thought. I wrote an article to illustrate my point and the analysis of the numbers here:

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