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Friday, December 25, 2009


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Happy Holidays to you too, Yelnick!
Love the Xmas card with Santa's Reindeer.


I appreciate the gesture, but I would say ignore the warnings against paganism at your own peril. I have left the church and now follow a scriptural version of holy days. I keep the Shabbat, and try to understand and follow the Torah because I have come to realize that what I think about such matters is not nearly as important as what our Creator thinks about them. And He is pretty clear about it.

I value your opinion (and many others on this blog) regarding the markets because you have studied well, are clear headed and have proven for yourself some ideas while disproving others. You might value my advise for the same reason.


elskid, I welcome your commitment to religion. I believe all religions are windows on the truth, and some are closer than others. I reject the notion that any one sect is the only path, since about every religion has its intolerant wing, and if that is what God intended, it would mean we would all be damned. Hence more sensible that God intended us to be tolerant, even of heathens! Yet just as clearly some religions help organize society in a better and more tolerant way than others. Hence mindless politically-correct acceptance of all sects seems also to be against God's plan. He gave us reason to use it. Somewhere in between is truth, and it is gray. In the end is a leap of faith for every individual, and a bundle of sometimes hard policy choices for every society. 


"Religion is a good moderation"
(from Trading Places)



Yelnik - maybe you will be right about the Santa rally - I was surprised Friday that in fact the top range was taken out by 2 S&P points. Next week may be really interesting - at least not like watching paint dry as has been the case for many weeks.


Canadian Money

Anyone have stats for the "Santa Rally"? Probability of occurrence?

Glenn Loser Neely

My service is so bad, that now is free.

If you give me your email and I will spam you for the next 6 monhs.
I am a loser...

Glenn Loser Neely

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