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Thursday, December 03, 2009


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You says:
"As the chart shows, the seasonal forces this time of year are quite strong. This chart is a summation of a number of years to show the average moves across the year."

Yes, cited chart shows, but that in some years DJIA was down and others up. And nothing more. The average is as on the chart, but do not forget, this is an average. What will it be this time, when America is ruined and in a specific time, we see it after, not before. rgds

Hank Wernicki

8:00 am

The SPY is displaying a 5m bottom pair ( at the close )

Yesterday at 2:15 pm was the child and today is the parent

Confirmation is needed to go Long ..... pending the Jobs Report today

The DOW is also displaying a 2h bottom from 11/24 ( child )

$COMP 2h bottom ( very clear )

Hank Wernicki

Clear as a Bell !


The dollar is up strong this morning but the DOW is... up? WTH?


There is $2 billion of equities being sold today in order for indexers to re-balance.


I think euro moved thru its 50 day MA down - yen is getting killed.

Does anyone know what hatoyama actually said he was going to do? I don't see it.


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