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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


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Covered my ES short at 1094.25 +5.75 pts. Very poor trade on my part but expecting to re short at 1101 assuming it shows resistance. However, this breakdown failed which means any short entry is more risky.


The deliberate enticement of the last and weakest buyers with the housing grants is obscene in my opinion. These a real people, young ones struggling and in Australian culture will try to hang on to their homes, you cannot walk away from mortgages in Australia. And they would have had to show incomes...genuine sincere buyers. Disgusting.



Well said. I see people everyday living in dreamland who believe if they don't buy houses now they will never be able to "get a foot in" the property market here in Oz. Someone needs to tell these people that trees don't grow to the sky.

I also find disgusting the fact that property spruikers like Christopher Joye and those hiding under guise of reputable property data providers are heavy advertisers in the Australian papers and are now virtually writing advertorials which the public lap up as being words of prophetic wisdom when in fact it is simply advertising - after all, their businesses would crumble if property didn't go up.


Here here Perigee

Property advertising is big here in Townsville, North QLD given our market declined to fall much at all. We had a clock in the local paper yesterday from some prop mob showing the end of the property bear market.

I will be looking to buy in a few years when all this hot air comes out.

Dan Ose

You know there is a mania in the air when a picture of a clock is used to trigger confirmation bias in the property investment cult. The clock says buy. Must buy.

Lord help us all.


What is really striking is the way just about everything is being manipulated by government. Fannie and Freddie here in the US represent perfect examples. I wonder what tuition would be here in the US if government had just stayed out of it.

I always viewed paying taxes as a privledge. Not any more. Governments could care less what they take in in taxes. It has no relation to their spending and hasn't since Ronnie Rayguns took office.


Every animal is able to have its home in nature.
Exploitation of people's needs for a home has sucked the the lives out of people: survive and save in their 20's buy and pay off for the next 30 years or more. Bad housing and urban designs for miserable lives, deliberate council regulations institutionalising inefficient & expensive solutions which support the housing industry and wastes materials. 25 years and the mature trees will be all used up. Banks prey on the desperation openly and more shadily. Even Gottliebson in the Business Spectator lobbies for his developer mate Triguboff in Sydney, complaining that he is not allowed to cut up all the green backyards to build more suicide towers of cramped low ceilinged degassing units to sell to Chinese investors.

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