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Saturday, February 06, 2010


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Chaps, singapore's stock index generally blows with US, China and Hong Kong winds. In a word, most times its just - confused! But then also, it does reflect the mix of all these region's flavours. One stock in particular - the Singapore Stock Exchange (S68.SI) or SGX is a barometer of the financial weather in Singapore: I have done a short piece with e-wave analysis on it:

It does seem to suggest that consolidation followed by a decent move down's in the offing(in line with the SPX). I welcome your views.


Nice work. The length of unemployment chart is impressive.


It may look like a V to a few chart huggers but it sure won't feel that way for all the folks who only get temporary jobs (Census work), jobs that offer fewer / no benefits or jobs that pay substantially less than they have geared (read leveraged) their lifestyles to. The Titanic sized boat anchor of public and private debt is a problem that will beset the economy for years.


Hats off to Yelnick's posts which provide the truth with uncanny insight.
The sad thing is we are on a path of economic doomsday in the next 2-3 years
The jobs won't be back for many years down the road, USA debt will spiral out, the Chinese will pisssed with our continued backing of Taiwan ,and the Israelis will bomb IRAN.
Will this start be the Biblical war between the Chinese,Russia, Arabs.... attacking The jews??


Yelnick, I am curious as to what your personal count is, on this decline. Although it looks like a minor wave 3, i have a nagging suspicion it might just be the end of wave 1. Next week is crucial, and here's an update of the Shanghai connection:


Not quite sure why you are so convinced of a V shaped recovery, Yelnick. Almost all of your articles seem to be bearish. Lousy employment with fiddled statistics, lousy inventory driven GDP, lousy news about the piigs, lousy retail data etc. etc. The technicals from the likes of Caldero and EWI are pretty bearish too. What on earth gives you confidence in a 'v'. (PS - I really like this site, you put a lot of effort into its maintenance which I for one much appreciate).

Mamma Boom Boom

Chabazite, wake up ans smell the do-do. You haven't been paying attention.


Mama - may I politely point out that my question was addressed to Yelnick and not to you, however clever you may (or may not) be.


Chabazite, I think we are already in a V recovery, and have been since last summer. I repeat it since so many ewavers are doom & gloom, and get too anxious when the rally continues up or good economic news appears. Yet I do not see it sustaining, certainly not in 2011 with a major tax increase plus an attempt to contain the deficit. Bot nor do I see it ending quickly; like a battleship, when the economy starts to turn, it continues in that direction for a while.


Trendlines, ok, I'll bite: is it wave 1 ending or a minor wave iii inside 1? Let me answer this in a major post, but the short answer is, it is not the end of wave 1 down.

Mr. Panic

This is a false recovery that many of the bears feel to be the case. Warren Brussee has been stating this and he has written a book that I recommend to all that empirically proves that this depression won't bottom out until 2012 or 2013. Brussee is an engineer and worked for GE and was one of their Sigma Six experts.
He has a blog where one can get updated comments. In fact, he sees housing heading downward again with the economy soon to follow.


Yelnick - thank you for your thoughts on the matter. And once again for an excellent blog which offers a great deal of 'behind the scenes' analysis. Truly appreciated.

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