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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


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God help the USA..In the next 2 years we are riding to uncharted areas. Saw the movie "THE Road" ..THE USA in 2020???
USA isn't the next Greece , we are just like Greece. USA can't never payback it's expanding debt that will in 2018 consume 70 % of this year's total USA budget ,just in interest expense on the USA debt
Reggie Bush got tackled by the mean bulls..He will be back in action next will a sharp downturn in the market


Listen to Obama. He is sending you and others a strong hidden message. You may not like or believe in his "hope", and most do not, but he made the same proclamation last year in February. And where did that lead us??

Its just a game of political football, the typical lies and rumor mongering, twisting the facts, faux inflationary actions, and the like. Get use to it...its a political season and Dems will do ANYTHING to retain power. Generally, I do not see a difference between the Dems and Repubs, but in this case there is one. And, I repeat, they will do ANYTHING to retain power. If the market crashes, you can kiss your arse goodbye. So let them have their way, and retrofit the market to sail into election season. Its always easier when you're lubed ya know.

Virginia Jim

Confucious say, "The more jobs lost, the fewer jobs subject to being lost." The real story is in the true unemployment rate at 17% (including underemployed and disenchanted). Saved or created jobs. Pure BS reminiscent of Mao. Heck, Obama's State of the Union referenced a 5 year plan...just like the Red's 5 year plans.

I slipped. I did not count the number of times the Narcissist in Command referred to himself..."I" and "we." This guy is pathological. Recall this little pep talk in which he referred to himself 132 times.


The real job of a president is to give a convining pep talk - and if he is wrong - you have any idea just how screwed we all are??

I think - I see no signigicnt event - and the damn market is likely to bounce in preidtable range for a very long time now.

Do you have a take on the bonds or not Yelnik?



You know what- it dosen't even matter.

I know there is no count that means anthing in the bond price action lately.


Joe, on bonds, I am working on it, but try as I can I do not see a near term scenario where rates drop.


Better than me man - cause I get no scenario at all - nothing - It really looks like it is going to be static - and I think everything will be static in some range for some time,



Your comments are spot on Yelnick. 'Mission Accomplished' is a pretty dangerous statement, but that is the nature of the universe. A bear market president, under pressure, with waning popularity WILL turn myopic. That is his destiny.


I think a reversal is at hand after a spike up. How far down it will go is anybody's guess.

bob m

Gold ran up but stalled and stocks fading here. Is the reversal at hand? I could use a good 100 point drop to get me to break even and then some. I don't know if the bear are being lured in or the bulls?


Dear Mr President,

Lets be kind and assume that the recovery is because, not despite the government stimulus. What part of the 1+ trillion dollar plan worked and what part didn't? How do I measure success and failure?

bob m

Hey Cloudslicker,

I heard IRS checks will be delayed for lack of funds - I define THAT as a measure of failure.

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