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Friday, March 26, 2010


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Hochberg issued a "Special Update" yesterday (after the market reversed) getting all of us E-Wavers ready for today's regularly scheduled STU.

Can't wait to hear what he says!

P3 dude

I heard that Hochberg said (today) that the rally from SPX 1044 doesn't reveal a valid count. - - - Is that true?


Marketman, I commented on the special update in my Exhaustion Gap post. 


P3, what Hochberg said is that "there is no satisfying way to label the move up from the February 5 low, or the even shorter-term swings over the past several days, without compromising some of Elliott's guidelines." He had thought the Dow was in a running triangle or expanded flat, but that no longer fits. We remain in a channel, and until e break below and stay there, the uptrend is still on. He gives a level to watch on Monday for his subscribers.

Roger D.

I have said that we have been in a rising wedge from the March lows. Thus the mass confusion in EW land. I expect another run up starting Monday to confuse Hochberg even more. But a blind man could see what is really going on. All the indexes will build tops next week and possibly into the week after. Then the collapse will start. Look for a April dive and then Sometime in May June the Crash to start with the Cardinal climax to kick of the 3rd of 3 sometime in July August. Final low sometime late 2010, early 2011 below 3000.

Roger D.


EWI would do well to stop looking at the Dow. It is a poorly designed index due to its weighting scheme.

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