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Monday, March 29, 2010


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Boy, I would love to be in that selection committee :-)


Sarah Palin is going to apply, and already given best chance.



There you are - proof that state controlled, autocratic, socialist economies work. Phew! ... Thank heavens for that. I was beginning to doubt the insight and integrity of our illustrious leader(s), but thankfully all our problems appear to be over. 'UK economic growth unexpectedly revised up to 0.4%' A whole massive 0.4%


I don't go to the movies often or know a great deal about US politics, but I thought the cartoon above WAS Sarah Palin.


Sarah Palin is going to apply, and already given best chance.

There's a saying, "Politics is show business for ugly people". No wonder Democrats love politics so much.

roger z

what does mamma boom boom, have to say, about disneys move?

bob m

I wonder how all the e-wave experts count THESE tops!!!


I wonder how all the e-wave experts count THESE tops!!!

I'd say those are Impulses. Even if they're not, I don't really care.


.......and it looks like you don't get the job if you've had a "correction"

Mamma Boom Boom

>what does mamma boom boom, have to say, about disneys move?<

With a, maybe, $30 million budget on the line, I would think they would want to dot the I's and cross the T's (at least make certain that they jiggle properly)


Pretty funny. Especially PL.


Just received an email with this link. Thought it might be of interest.


Perhaps a sign that society is becoming sick of the shallow and contrived Hollywood stereotypes?

Nahh ... what am I thinking.


To the commodity bears:

Barrel of oil equivalent (boe) = approx. 6.1 GJ (5.8 million Btu), equivalent to 1,700 kWh. "Petroleum barrel" is a liquid measure equal to 42 U.S. gallons (35 Imperial gallons or 159 liters); about 7.2 barrels oil are equivalent to one tonne of oil (metric) = 42-45 GJ.

From :


Anyone else find it interesting that ...

With natural gas now UNDER $4.00 per million Btu,

the "barrel of oil equivalent" price for natural gas indicates that crude oil is worth less than $24.00 ?

(And, of course -- NO ONE is talking about this, since "everyone knows" that oil is "reasonably priced" right now, and is still in a bull market.)

Found this on another board today.

I knew and know. And is one reason I have been remain bearish on oil.


Mamma Boom Boom

>I knew and know. And is one reason I have been remain bearish on oil.<

Ditto! I have been talking about it, and continue to have the market tell me I'm wrong. Never saw that formula, though. 24 bucks....hmmmm.


Mama, I think the price disparancy is likely at an all time high, based on Btu content.

Another issue that adds to the mix is that it is in general more costly to use liquid fuels relative to NG, in power plants, because of environmental issues.

Something has to give here at some point?

Like you say when?



True the killer argument that bulls have yet to address is how the one commodity that all the industrialisation/peak arguments are incontrovertibly true for is Natural Gas which remains in a persistent down trend.

Hank Wernicki

Tuesday March 30th
3:57 pm

Gap down for the SPX as it holds 1175 stop ( 13m top ) for the Open

Aggressive Speculators can short here 1173.27 2 point risk

Mamma Boom Boom

These see-saw patterns drive you nuts! But nonetheless, the strength in the market has been in retreat the entire month of March.



ns - I like that: "disparancy".

Sort of "dispersion", "disparity", or dis=negative of "transparancy".

Perhaps you have invented a new eggcorn!

Mr. Panic

Tonight is the first full moon following the spring equinox (following the Jan eclispe). Catalyst for the decline. Breadth was slightly positive today yet the McClellan Oscillator still declined. Closing highs for Dow,qqqq,NDX ($SPX is close)(but not new highs for these indices....a repeat of the Feb 5 bottom only the inverse? or an inverse of March 2009 low) yet the McOscillator was negative again and $rut and $nya didn't confirm the new highs. Dojis pretty much everywhere with XLF putting in three black bars in a row.
Former commodity stalwarts (according to some) like PCX,CF,BTU already turning down into pronounced downtrends.

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