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Sunday, March 07, 2010


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Yelnick, personally I think your EW and following of same .... well it desires some improvement, rather than get too critical.

But some of your other stuff is really great. This is the best post I from you that I have read here.

Bottom line is that for all the doom sayers hanging about, there is a lot going on in this world today, especially in tech. And imo it is all being led by the US of A. I can not even begin to put it all together, but it is so pervasive (spelling) it tingles the sensations.

We are just getting started imo. The internet (and video) is just in its infancy, really. Changes we can not even fathom are yet to come.

And technology is reaching way beyond the internet. The same type of technology is changing the way we fight wars, drill and produce hydrocarbons, .......... there is much more yet to come.

Now if ye all want to get back to basics a bit, follow this.

I took my Siberian/Malemutes out for a run this morning. It was cold but we really had fun. I love them dogs ... as much as the Internet?



have just finished a detailed long and short term analysis for the SPX if anyone is interested.


John Mauldin on what the future will look like:

I think his take on nukes is right on. That is our future for energy self sufficiency. Natural gas will be the transition fuel that gets us there.



Nspolar - nice. I think you'd enjoy this picture about dogs & the Internet


Y : Great post .. keep it up

Perhaps you need to segregate some of these (the ones on Technology, Global currency, Bifurcation theme of ZG etc)into separate pages so as to keep them away from much of the unconnected comments that follow

BTW, haven't seen one from you on your travels of late?

Have a good one


Yelnick - An interesting issue that relates to this is WHY these new technologies should succeed, and that relates more directly to the social issue. People won't take up a technology just simply because its there and its possible. What is driving people to these increasingly synthetic, quick fix, sugar high diversions. Are their lives simply so awful that they now have to spend their time in a virtual reality? Why do people get so hung up about how many 'virtual friends' they have - surely real ones are better. Go to London, and people sit on the local commuter trains like morons pressing buttons to stimulate their egos. Is it an addiction, and if so is that good for society as a whole? Whilst I marvel at the capability, I sometimes dispair at the social drivers and consequence of what I see. The real world has rougher edges but in many ways better, that is IF you can find it!


Yelnick: Interesting and insightful article.
As I was reading, I was hoping that you would draw some analogies on how the current movies/movie making, mirrors our times.

Mamma Boom Boom

Internet TV is indeed interesting, but where does that leave "Madison Avenue"? Trying to place advertising dollars, where they will produce results, just gets more difficult.


Neely's wave e blow off top in gold really blowing it out this morning.

Likey gold is gonna have a backwards forward alternated fornicated f and g to follow.



Neely versus Futia...Neely back short, Futia saying 1150 in the next couple of days...Interesting...The old saying, "don't short a dull market", has a lot of validity. Why the hell am I'm long all these March and April puts then? Interesting times indeed.


Chazite - it is not clear that 3G will persist. Hollywood has had Cinerama, Panavision, etc and they lasted a while but gave way to traditional film with compelling stories. And of course we had 3G before, in the 50s.


KRG, I am beginning to put Pages up on the left column, for the more persistent arguments. Maybe I should put an Open Thread or similar at the top to collect comments.

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