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Thursday, April 01, 2010


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So we are now going from Neely to Bradley.

Oh dear.

Yelnick, I think you have lost it.



Hi Yelnick,

We may be close to a medium-term top. But, not in the very short-term. Expecting a thrust up, out of a triangle for the spx, with a target of 1195:


Well if this earthquake is going to flatten civilization, why bother with EW? There is nothing to count anyways, as all the world markets are gone!


Yelnick your posting has become more phrophecy based now

Emperor without clothes


April Fools!



You beat Yelnick to the keyboard.

Hank Wernicki

ES just made a new High as expected

You can follow the trades here :


I thought people got banned for making bad jokes on this site, Yelnick. Youself included?

Wave Rust

Fear the Mayans!

After 12/12/12, their next destruction date is 13/13/13 and that's the reeelly big shoe.

13/13/13 is when the Fed takes over the world.

wave rust

Mamma Boom Boom

>The HOPI say that this fifth destruction of the world will be by Earthquakes this time.<

How long ago did they make that prediction?


About the same time that Bob Prechter called for the end of the "world" back in 1987.


Carefully watch the number of posters on the E-Waver blogs diminish to just a "trickle".

People like Binve, Daneric, and Kenny have a whole host of PERMA-BEAR posters that are in such utter denial of the market's move over the past 8 months ( since Prechter's initial short-recommendation in early August ), that I'm highly confident that when these blogs have dried-up and no one is no longer posting on them, that will be a most lucrative CONTRARY sentiment signal!

Mamma Boom Boom

Laugh it up, guys. Don't hold back.


Chab, I will ban my other self.


Marketman.... when most ewavers have bullish counts that's when you should be suspect of your bullish outlook.
It will be interesting to see if this is 2003 all over again, except Bob P. has a lot more company with his bearish views this time. Robert has said many times in the past that the government cannot effect the markets, but how else to explain the insanity in the markets. If the Feds had done absolutely nothing, his outlook would have been right on the money. What he does not see, is that there are very powerful rich people that want the markets to do nothing but go up, since most of the stock market is owned by the super wealthy. They will print(electronic) as much money as needed to try to keep it up. They can do this because they own almost everything including the President and Congress. Whether they can do this forever is another matter that time will tell.


"What he does not see, is that there are very powerful rich people that want the markets to do nothing but go up, since most of the stock market is owned by the super wealthy. They will print(electronic) as much money as needed to try to keep it up."

They can't because oil will go up and that will crash the economy.

Oil is truly "black gold" and functions almost exactly as a gold standard would function. You cannot print your way around this fact.

vipul garg


we all notice what we conveniently want to notice.
why an obsession with tracking e wavers like kenny, daneric and so on and how many people post on their sites esp. since you use the MACD's, A/D's etc.
i firmly practise e wave and have never till date felt the need to even see what these guys post.


DG.... they can, they will, and they have for some time now. The question is.... how long can they continue to do so with no ill effect.



I think that what "marketman" is pointing out is that the E-Waver blogger community can be used as a significant sentiment tool.

More often than not, many of the posters on these boards are younger in age, do not have a lot of market experience under their belt, and simply "see" what they want to "see" rather than accepting the actual price action.

Also, I've noticed that these "followers" frequently post absurd assumptions that the market should be highly correlated with the economy. Anyone that has been trading over a number of years, knows that LIQUIDITY driven markets frequently rally much quicker, and farther than any fundamental economic backdrop would suggest.

On another note, it looks like EXAS has an interesting "date" coming up on May 1st.




Yeah, I don't know the exact answer to that question, nor does anyone. All I'm saying is that the idea that the answer is "infinity" is wrong. In fact, I would argue that any answer to the question "How much can they print?" which is "Enough to make oil go higher than the summer of 2008 high" is wrong. So that's my estimate of the upper limit.

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