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Friday, April 16, 2010


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Just bot DOG. I think that either the turn we've been anticipating is here now or will be before May.

Mamma Boom Boom

Great Friday!

Michael, squeal like a pig for us.

"The bears really put on a show!"

Wave Rust


F11 in trading days from march '09 low.
F11 in calendar days from july 09 low.

wave rust



Feel free to provide a screenshot of your trading positions today, and I will do the same.




Where did you go?
You aren't gonna runaway from my challenge, are you?

Hank Wernicki


3:31 pm

both 10m bottom fractals are perfect so far

breaking 1192 Stop ( for gun slingers to go Long ) to the downside negates the bottom

compare 3/26 with today on a 10m SPX chart --- it's quite clear .. thus far

3:25 pm

IF the SPX stops here near @ 1192.52

Friday >>>3/26 base 1:00 pm child

Now is the Parent Iteration >>>> Friday -- today

then a 10m bottom for a strong rally ( spike ) Monday Open

IF it fails ( confirmation ) then Down Again on a Reversal for the fractal

"Fractals develop and appear randomly throughout the trading session"

Mamma Boom Boom

Michael, you have to go first. We need to keep the proper sequence.


Daneric is refusing to call a count complete so we probably topped today.

Mamma Boom Boom

Is 'Gold' a solid bet to the downside, yet?



Back to the Future,,1987 ?? Also a large decline on options expiry day on October 16. 1987 ..The Market was also extended ..only missing part today, was a sharp decline at the close.
We will see Monday


In a last ditch effort to save this bull market by egging on the invisible gremlins on my shoulder (whose sole purpose of their existence is to prove what I think or say to be wrong), I SERIOUSLY THINK THE TOP IS IN NOW.

I look for certain harmonic balances in time and price of adjacent swings. My personal recipe squares price and time, uses fibonacci and arcs. The method sometimes errs by finding harmony at interim tops along the way to the final, which really sucks and I hope I can really solve that one day. This could happen here. (So you mind as well not bother to listen to me anyway, especially if I am as incompetent as my wife has proved me to be, very deftly.) But we've been going one way for quite a while, so the longer the trend continues, the more rarefied becomes the confluence to lock out a swing.

We are very harmonious for a top NOW. It can squeak a little higher over the next few days if it must, but not by much and not into May.

I rely on Yelnick to announce if any EWT pundits are seeing a top now, and don't think I've heard anyone yelling from the rooftops.

I'm yelling from the rooftops.

Why would anyone be such a moron to do put themselves out there like this? Besides immature egoistic wankerism I mean?

GREMLINS, this time we both know that we KNOW, don't we.



Good to see you're keeping a sense of humor about the market!

Here are some charts showing the closest I can come to making sense of where we are wave-wise. We reversed in the time and price zone I had been thinking (that wave-.F and wave-.G may need modification, but we're in the ballpark, nonetheless), but I have no idea of this reversal is the end of something big or not. Some of these quick drops just turn out to be x-waves or the B-waves of Neutral Triangles and lead to new price highs. The safe bet is to say that it's not something big, of course, but I definitely respect that you're going out on a limb. I'm still short from lower levels with an initial stop just above 122, so a major reversal of trend would finally enable that trade to become profitable!



I saw your post over in the other thread calling for more debate in this thread, so here's my take. No, FDR didn't end the Depression, but you will never convince anyone who believes he did otherwise because it's a theoretical question which requires that you understand the "broken window" fallacy. Since most people only understand what they can see, what is unseen is hardly ever understood.

If you try to explain to someone that yes, the Great Depression ended after the New Deal, but not because of it and would have ended faster if the New Deal hadn't been put into place, you are making an abstract argument which is sound in theory, but lacks the concreteness of what actually happened.

Overall, I'm a "Fisher-ite" when it comes to what is going to happen.

I've been following your posts about the "Greenspan Put" and the "Kondratieff Winter" and I think those are spot-on. We've been delaying the inevitable.

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