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Friday, April 09, 2010


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nspolar stated the 14th give or take was going to mark a high.

We are in the window. Major indices in vth of a vth here.

Legged in with first tranch commodity related shorts earlier today.


Mamma Boom Boom

What happened to all those windy soles that were so confident Mondays emergency fed meeting meant a rate hike. So? ........... speak up! Tell me where you went wrong.


All in, ready to roll.



Yelnick, I have referred to the BKX. Been watching it for a long time.

It is one of the few indices I have in a 5 waver to the bottom. I also believe we have more triangles today. They are difficult and they are a mechanism the market uses to increase obfuscation.

If my count is correct the bottom is going to be pretty deep.

And C does not look like a surviving type of chart to me.



"What happened to all those windy soles that were so confident Mondays emergency fed meeting meant a rate hike. So? ........... speak up! Tell me where you went wrong." -MammaBlankBlank

As I recall, YOU were one of them Mr. Perma-Bear.


nspolar, someone was pointing out that this market can go up and up for years before backing down, tracking how the market did after 2003 till 2007? Any reason why government's inflation efforts won't turn this into another 2003-2007?


Whitebear ... do not have a direct answer to your question.

I like the sentiment here for a top. My favored day a few weeks ago was Tuesday coming.

We had all the blow-ups with the EW shitola this last week. The press is literally laying it on thick as peanut butter on white bread here the last week, about the ever lasting recovery. Blasting us with it every day now.

I also follow some bulls. They have been getting awful cocky.

I think volume is a real problem ... interpret it the way you like. If the specs pull out of this, look out for the exits man. Just what C's are made for.

Inflation .. ya will happen again, don't know when. If I had to make a good guess I'd say another year of net deflation. Bear in mind Yelnick has been really bearish bonds here, Yelnick is always early. Following a bottom in 2011 maybe up down sideways until ~ 2020. US needs to experience the same shit as Japan maybe. Past 2020 gold to the frigging moon man.

Last 10 yrs was the gold decade. I think it needs a rest, and needs to spend the next 10 frustrating all the gold bugs who think the miners are going to do a Big 3 any day now.

Gold and the miners imo will really do well when the dollar is rising, and inflation is on the increase. Prechter is right on this. Have not had that yet. It will happen.

Problem as I see it for many gold bugs I am aware of, maybe myself included, is that many of us might die of old age before we see the real fire works. I will be 68 in the year 2020.



ns, you BKX chart sports a large expanding ED/terminal. After my investigation of expanding EDs, I am not convinced it is a sound formation. The whip-sawing of larger waves should indicate a beginning of something, not an end.


Why on earth would anyone want to invest in wind power? Sub-prime mortgages are a sensible investment by comparison with this absurd scam.

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