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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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I have continued to fastiduosly follow the BP oil spill. Some good recent wags.

W/r to the last link, I have never seen it published what the pressure on the downhole side of the BOP is. I suspect it is pretty high. Anyway I made some assumptions, watched the videos, did some calculations, and I agree with those that state this well is leaking much more than 5000 BPD. I will just say many times that. BP I am quite sure knows this as well and has known it for some time.

It appears BP hit a pretty big find, and a really high pressure one. If their top kill attempt fails, this will almost assuredly verify that.

BP is also drilling two relief wells now. I think it possible this well so powerful they were afraid they could not kill from the bottom with one.

Some one and maybe more than some one is in deep deep shit here. It is more than likely that that someone or more than someone will do jail time over this. This is not unprecedented, especially in more recent times.

Lots o lawyer work as a result of this one. More than lots.


Mamma Boom Boom

>Some one and maybe more than some one is in deep deep shit here.<

Yeah, thousands of innocents.


Mark Fisher says buy Crude Oil and industrial commodities . . . Everything that China wants.

I would AGREE with my fellow #4 World Trade Center floor trader known as "FISH".

Hank Wernicki

Sold my Long Position today : Gold


Roger D.

"Sold my Long Position today : Gold "

Hank, if gold has topped, everything will come down..stocks...oil, except the USD.

Roger D.

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