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Thursday, May 20, 2010


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Ummmm... How about a chart on rail car loadings???


The most accurate basket of data is tax receipts - they are not easily cooked, baked, broiled, simmered, or whatever metaphor you want to put in there for all the creative accounting going on these days - and no matter where you look it's not pretty. The IRS is reporting declining tax receipts, as are most cities, counties, and states. The fall in equities is as simple as too far, too fast. Irrational exuberance lives!


Roger D., you think Dow 10,000 holds tomorrow?

Roger D.

Gee Thrill 69 pts says it doesn't!


Charts in Asia say hell no.

Roger D.

Roger D.

I think Tony C. has gone totally "bat shit".

This is Major wave 4 of Primary wave I. Best to your trading!

Roger D.


Best diagram on BP well design to date, in this link.


It keeps dribbling out bit by bit. And it is almost impossible to comprehend the chain of events that led to this. How so many poor decisions could have been made, just hard to understand, given the potential downside.

I read in an article the other day that during a BOP test about 2 wks prior, the drilling operator mistakenly moved the drill pipe. It moved about 15 ft. Following this large chunks of rubber from the annular seal (being torn up) were reported being seen by the mud engineers. Yet nothing was done.



Forget 2008 crash - NYMO hits record low
is this BUY BUY BUY?

Wave Rust

For imbeciles only, like me, and to the smart housewives of urbia and suburbia, usa:

Today's low spawns a bounce tomorrow, and then on Monday comes the smaller final down retrace for the "e" of (c). safe buy - monday close.

a perfect storm winds down while forming an unbelievable bullish power coil.

wave rust

Hank Wernicki

ES is Down 6 points already this evening, just like yesterday !

Would not want to be Long tomorrow !

Hank Wernicki

Roger D.

Why is this market going to fall farther and faster than most think?

Take a look at this chart of MickyD's

A textbook chart if there was ever one. With a perfect diamond consolidation that broke up in a EDT 5th wave grand supercycle top.

Target out of the wedge is the March 2009 lows. If this chart plays out and it will, say hello to Great Depression II

Roger D.



313 cycle hits tomorrow in the first hour of trading!!!!



Was the Crash part of a larger Zoran bifurcation point?



S&P at neckline support, looking for a weak bounce here:



why all the post's recently on funnymentals?

Seems like we are in one of those rare periods where elliot wave actually works - i'd love to see some counts.

I'm looking forward to Tony'c weekend update seems like he's got some 'splainin to do.

At least it's been a while since this board has been subjected to the Carl Futia (broken clock) worshipers.

Of course, i got long today and got pounded so who i am to talk.

Wave Rust

"313 cycle hits tomorrow in the first hour of trading!!!!"

all those in the first hour?
Must be the end of the world as you know it.

actually sounds bullish for rally.

i think there 313 bearish 'comments' here, too.

caldaro is bat shit, futia is a broken clock, zoran is shaping the waves, and I just saw A J Frost walking his pet iguana.

too bad it isn't a full moon cause we get the howlings of the lunarists.

Oh by the way, the charts are getting bullish ,,,, if the lows hold ,,, if they don't, it's gonna be a "Send lawyers guns and money" kind of day.

trade what you see, not what to want to see.

wave rust


Lowry, your question is whether the crash was a bifurcation point. almost - it has fallen fast, come back to retest and falling fast off the retest. it needs to break the Feb5 lows and stay below to confirm

Yelnick Fan


I've been reading your blog for a few months and just wanted to say thanks. You do a great job putting together chains of complex information and explaining them in an accessible way. Sometimes I still don't understand what you are talking about, but it's always a good read.


"How so many poor decisions could have been made, just hard to understand, given the potential downside." - nspolar


Thank you so much for continuing to post articles on the Horizon Deepwater Tragedy. Very much appreciated!


Fan, thanks for the kind words. Always feel free to ask for clarification. Ironic indeed for a technical analysis blog, the fundamental stuff is pretty nuanced at times, as now.

the general


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