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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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short short short !!!!! and another day up.
every time I read the comments in this blog I loose money and a lot.

Roger D.

That wasn't a crash,Yelnick. A crash is a panic with people jumping for concrete and Maria Bartiromo crying her eyes out. The "crash" is almost upon little greedies...gotch ya.

Watch out below..the greatest financial panic in history.

Roger D.


Roger yesterday u wrote that 1160-sp would be turning point down. something changed?

Wave Rust

Crash up and bullish, as I stated ,,, but it's only going to last for a few days.

That crash will be a crash up and they will condemn it again- all the way to new highs.


It's a trader's market. Investors beware. Down crashes are bullish, eventually ,,,, and usually quite soon.

Posted by: Wave Rust | Friday, May 07, 2010 at 07:49 PM

Posted by: Wave Rust | Monday, May 10, 2010 at 06:15 AM

wave rust

And, Brown resigns. Here come the Tories!

Roger D.

I guess if your a daytrader 1160 is a miss. But these are some of the damndest ugly charts ever and coming on the back of a break,if this market doesn't produce the mother of all panics.I'll eat my worthless charts.

Roger D.

Roger D.



I'm with you Roger D. but the timing of it is a mystery.... ask 100 different traders and you will get a hundred different answers. That chart you posted was wild!
Yelnick, you're da shit! I laughed so hard I hurt several times looking at the birth/death model in the gamed BLS reports over the last year plus. I think those newly minted "businesses" are all traders and lobbyists!


Crash alert -tomorrow china is falling knife

Spx drops below 1100 tomorrow

gold was strong today

We completed wave 2 retracement today parent and child fractal were both 3 waves


Thrill, glad you got a thrill ... the real kicker is in this post:

which shows how many statistical jobs they concocted, then threw away : 1.4M, and for past months only!

The only way to parse this is to look at total employment, which has dropped 8.4M jobs from the peak, and thankfully has begun to bottom.


A note from Hussman that nails the nail right through the board. So long Obama:

Restructure, Restructure

Looking at the current state of the world economy, the underlying reality remains little changed: there is more debt outstanding than is capable of being properly serviced. It's certainly possible to issue government debt in order to bail out one borrower or another (and prevent their bondholders from taking a loss). However, this means that for every dollar of bad debt that should have been wiped off the books, the world economy is left with two - the initial dollar of debt that has been bailed out and must continue to be serviced, and an additional dollar of government debt that was issued to execute the bailout.

Notice also that the capital that is used to provide the bailout goes from the hands of savers into the hands of bondholders who made bad investments. We are not only allocating global savings to governments. We are further allocating global savings precisely to those who were the worst stewards of the world's capital. From a productivity standpoint, this is a nightmare. New investment capital, properly allocated, is almost invariably more productive than existing investment, and is undoubtedly more productive than past bad investment. By effectively re-capitalizing bad stewards of capital, at the expense of good investments that could otherwise occur, the policy of bailouts does violence to long-term prospects for growth. Looking out to a future population that will increasingly rely on the productivity of a smaller set of younger workers (and foreign labor) in order to provide for an aging demographic, this is not a luxury that our nation or the world can afford.

"Failure" and "restructuring" mean only that bondholders don't get 100 cents on the dollar. We can continue to bail out the poor stewards of capital who voluntarily made bad, unproductive investments, and waste our future productivity in order to make those lenders whole, or we can turn the debate toward deciding the best strategies for restructuring existing debt.



Hock, you're good! I wish there was a way to snap my fingers and make the entire population realize "bailout" is a very naughty word - "extend and pretend" is the most politically correct (and accurate) term. History will show (sadly) that our biggest mistake was not letting all the bad debt die exactly where it should have: In the hands of the greedy bastards that created it.


Yelnick, that post you linked was a good one - I just can't help but chuckle remembering when they released those (complete with headline spin numbers) and the cheerleaders at CNBC all started their dances and the markets went nowhere but up! I firmly believe Bubbles Bernanke knows he's blowing a doozy on the floors of NYSE & NASDAQ but it is the unintended consequence of cheap money and there's nothing he can do about it.


"I guess if your a daytrader 1160 is a miss. But these are some of the damndest ugly charts ever and coming on the back of a break,if this market doesn't produce the mother of all panics.I'll eat my worthless charts." - - - Roger D.

Roger, I just looked at your chart with the two "trendlines" that you drew, and I must say that I hope that you don't put much weight on those "lines" because they are NOT drawn correctly.

Hank Wernicki

If you recall, last week Art Cashin Turned Bullish ( I think it was top tick ) have to check

So it Goes ...

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