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Sunday, May 16, 2010


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Gee, surprise, surprise, Neely sees a triangle. When doesn't he see a triangle? He's got the most contorted and tortured "triangles" you could ever imagine. Weird stuff that man practices. And with very questionable results.

With that said, EWI has been stepping all over themselves for almost a year now (and no doubt from '03-'07). And they're completely lost on gold, no doubt. That system of trading is incomplete, at best.


Euro now sinking and nobody saying anything yet to pump the markets. Strange!!


MHD, Euro has been flopping around 1233-1236, down from Friday close but around where it was after-market Fri - really meaningless until the trading machines open in Europe. I wonder if they let it fall? Amazing.

I have been working a bunch of posts this week:
- where the Euro will go
- commodities bubble
- Shanghai crash
- GDP double dip

all negative

Wave Rust

Neely and Prechter can be both be right as it looks right now.

Asia is down an average 1.5% as of now.

Still there are 12 hours before US RTH open. A lot can happen and Hank's 'all clear' to buy may work out.

The combo index I look at is giving a divergence (for a buy) but has not confirmed yet, and may not until Monday afternoon NY time. So, my technical mulch is still on a sell, but I'm in cash. If the combo's divergence holds and confirms, I'll update ,,,, FWIW.

Freeky deeky trading range for a few days, or we have a V bottom with an explosion up.

wave rust

Wave Rust

FWIW, the V bottom would get new highs very fast then sell off for a week or two and then run to new highs for the Dow and SPX later this summer.

If that happens, that short in August will be the short of the decade ,,,, well, unless it's already here and gone. ;-)

wave rust

Can anybody see if the lights are on, on the top floors at the Federal Reserve Building? And, if the lights are on, is anybody home?

Wave Rust

Never mind, blow out on the divergence - no buy.

maybe tomorrow afternoon. still on sell.

wave rust


Yes, Wave Rust, the lights are on and the Three Stooges are working overtime along with their relatives in Europe.

Wave Rust


I'm just glad it was The Stooges and it wasn't the Three Bears hunting for Gold-y-lox-n-bagels.

This glowbux trading looks bearish eh. must be getting close to a buy.

wave rust

Gleen Loser Neely




Roger D.

There are so many real broadening tops being traced out,this market is destined for a major collapse,any hour,any day.

Roger D.

New Trader

A broker on Australian T.V said today there was a surprising lack of buyers! Short the $AUD! Financial crisis of '97-'98 the $AUD declined to 0.47cents, good chance in the next 12 months it will do so again.

New Trader


Roger D ... a systemic collapse?

Is Neely long?


Account Deleted

IF now DOW doesnt cross 10655 then we could see 3 of 3 developing soon and it could be Catastrophic.


Probably Neely will get it right this time because he is been wrong for so long.

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