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Thursday, June 03, 2010


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You punters...ever hear of chaos theory? Markets are non-linear so what happened in the past is no EXACT guide to what will happen now. We can make rough educated guesses on market direction over a period of time with some confidence but the boundaries are not well defined. There are just too many variables, that are not well understood in behavior, and too many opportunities to "tweak" one, say a money injection to main street, that trying to time market bets is insane. Pick a broad theme and then place your wager and then wait...were you right? When will you know? ... this is what world governments are doing...creating incredible stress in markets and in human minds! After all, the world financial system that is now based on fiat money could completely collapse. What would that mean? Criminals break into your house and steal all your Gold? It will be very hard to protect capital in the next 10-20 years me thinks.

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