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Monday, June 14, 2010


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Mr. Panic

They closed the SP down today to give the June 11 SP close special prominence (SP 1091 or 911) and also highlight that this is the weekly close before the big downdraft.
June 11,2010===6-11-10 or reverse those numbers=9-11-01. I am not saying there is going to be an event but an Emergency warning is being flashed for the market. The week of 6-6 to 6-11 2010 was also 66 weeks from the March 2009 bottom. SP closed at 1092 on Sept 10,2001. 6-11 was also 33 trading days from the top with the number 33 also having esoteric power although I haven't seen any trading day cycles based on it.
Of course, the trading cycle today is also an occult number as well as a Fib one and it looks like a few having been picking up on the Fib based turns in the market since the April high (I admit I haven't seen the big picture in this way just some of the smaller component cycles)


"the number 33 also having esoteric power"

According to Greenblatt,
33 is as good as Fibo 34 (in general 34 +-1)for counting days, weeks and hours, even quarters and minutes.

"Of course, the trading cycle today is also an occult number as well as a Fib one "

What is the trading cycle today?

please explain.

Why don't you write a few more lines to explain clearly what you want to say?

cheers :)


Panic; your scenario is perverse and creepy enough to where it just might happen.

And speaking of perverse; so how 'bout it Mamma, could you spank my butt at the open? I've been VERY naughty and my shorts are still open since early today...


In case anyone is interested, here are a few headlines (other than the dominant ones relating to BP) concerning the state of the UK economy:

- Fiscal watchdog downgrades UK growth forecast
- UK business confidence sees 'record drop'
- UK cuts 'to push unemployment close to 3m'
- UK trade deficit widens slightly in April
- Housebuilding could 'grind to a halt'
- Housing market slowing down, says Halifax
- UK industrial output sees surprise fall in April

All happy stuff then! Presumably the contrarians will see all this as a bullish signal??!

Mamma Boom Boom

"Last fall, Speaker Nancy Pelosi moved her district office into the new federal building in San Francisco. The move quadrupled the rent she pays, and her new $18,736 monthly bill is almost double the next-highest rental paid by a Member of the House."

Mr. Panic

I don't want to give away the trading day cycles to the lazy. All one has to do is just count the time distance between lows and highs for the past two months and some here picked up on the cycle or the time distance back in February. It's actually pretty obvious and simple.
And I had a chance to see Greenblatt give a speech Saturday (not knowing anything about him) but I chose to watch the US-England World Cup match instead. Got some pretty good info from some other high profile technicians but I'll wait until the end of the week to divulge that.

Mr. Panic

Oh I read that the ECRI index of leading economic indicators rolled over into negative territoy last week.


"I don't want to give away the trading day cycles to the lazy."


No kidding!!

coyote: my cycles, not yours!

+++++++ :)



I wouldn't worry about the lazy. They're too lazy to do anything with yours or anyone else's data.

On the other hand you have people like Steven that are always industrious and sharing that probably feel short-changed. Go ahead and post the trading cycles.

Speaking of posting, how about it Mamma, will you spank me come mornin' time? I can return the favor if you want.

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