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Thursday, July 22, 2010


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Wave Rust

A housing collapse in a communist country will be interesting.

How will they know when a bottom is in? When the homeless masses are living in the street in front of the empty buildings?

central planning at it's best.

wave rust

da bear

Huh. I could see this scenario happening. In a couple of years China elects FDR 2.0 and we elect Hitler 2.0.

Cool. Perhaps I can write the upcoming Elliott Wave Maoist, umm I mean, Theorist.

da bear


"This is similar to our Fannie/Freddie eventually owning 90% of the final stages of our housing bubble"

So how long will you give it before it gives way...
Incidentally India announced "World One" project. One more for the skyscrapper index!



Wave Rust,

Maybe the bottom will be in when there is a revolt and the Communist government is overthrown! Of course, the leaders will be taking all their ill gotten gains with them as they flee (their share of the bezzle).

Mamma Boom Boom

Good post, Yelnick.


KRG, you asked when it would end - "how long will you give it away until it gives away" (well put!) - while the liberals now in power in the US see the recent election as the triumph of their policies, we seem to instead be seeing the death throes of the welfare state. As Thatcher said, socialism lasts until it runs out of other people's money.

As an aside, the mainstream media here, which has lost the last little bit of credibility with the JournoList debacle, have been trying to make fun of claims that Obama is a socialist. It has gotten them into arcane arguments over what sort of redistributionist is he. The joke is on them: only socialists would worry over which sect of socialism someone belongs to. As they fiddle with their nomenclature, the economy burns.


Thatcher - Next to Churchill the best Prime Minister we ever had. Certainly the only one to bring about any lasting change in perspective. Blair was all mouth and no substance. Brown was full of substance (brown substance).



(double click on chart to enlarge)


Yelnick, you're at your best when you avoid Elliott Waves! Good post - the only thing certain in this world is change, and the US can't spend like this forever nor can China manipulate its way to prosperity.
It will be fun to see how history regards Odrama's term - right now he truly looks like a teenager with daddy's credit cards. I would love to be wrong here....


Big Weekly Diamond...

Roger D.

1400 + tick,get out now,what a casino.

Roger D.

Mamma Boom Boom

Roger, come on out, don't be a sore loser.


Market rallies higher and Bears getting crushed once again ...


Bullish cup pattern also in SPX, DOW, TRAN, RUT

Roger D.

1500+ MCD has 1 down. I'm not a sore loser by any means. Just a Grand Supercycle top here,that's all. Get out now.

Roger D.


Roger, september/october calls makes a lot good for you

Roger D.



You are like a "broken" record.

My guess is that you don't do any trading whatsoever, because if you did, you'd be totally BANKRUPT given your ridiculous bearish bias 24/7.


1102 SPX.
So much for EWI's vaunted 1-2, i-ii cluster count.
In fact, they are now totally cluster F&#&%(#!!!

Mamma Boom Boom

>Today, we crossed another hurdle, a technical breakout.

Posted by: Mamma Boom Boom | Thursday, July 22, 2010 at 01:05 PM<

And another hurdle, took out the high from 10 days ago.

Mamma Boom Boom

>I'm not a sore loser by any means. Just a Grand Supercycle top here,that's all.<

Whoa! Them's some pretty fanncy words for one Roger D. Jackson.

Mamma Boom Boom

Where's that RETARD, Chunky Cheese? Seems like most days, about this time, the asylum where he's locked up must let him play with the computer. He usually drops by with some idiotic comments. Maybe he started slobbering and they put him in a straight-jacket.


Why are people shorting a .382 retracement in a bull market???


Whole chart here

Chuck Cheese

I am here mama laughing my ass off as usual. Is it a technical breakout if you don't hold the new high and close lower? With a daily RSI 5 neg Div?

Chuck Cheese

Guess that's a moot point. Retard? Why all the hate here? You can be more than a life support system for a cunt mama.

Mamma Boom Boom

>I am here mama laughing my ass off as usual.<

Meds kickin in pretty good, heh Chucky. That's what we like to see, though, a satisfied customer.


>Is it a technical breakout if you don't hold the new high and close lower? With a daily RSI 5 neg Div?<

Gee, I don't know, Chucky. Maybe you should pick up your little pamphlet and read that part, again.


I took advantage of a huge break-out on Tuesday of names in the coal, copper, and steel sector that were +20% this week. Hope all of you were able to get LONG and do the same!

Have a nice weekend everyone.



Well, those girls are paramilitaries or army reserve.
This link shows how the army uniform skirt looks like,

Also, don't take those short skirts too seriously, those girls might not even be the real paramilitaries. I was told that some are just students in dancing majors.
China is a very complicated matter. Usually Chinese people never take statistics from the government too seriously. Some friends working there told me, they can just make any numbers if their boss want them to. My experience tells me that if you subtract 8% from the gdp, it pretty much gives the right situation. So if the gdp growth is less than 8%, it's an official recession....


Amazing how people will cling to analytical frameworks that fail them time and again. Even those rare traders that will be able to sell and hold through this are being unneccessarily masochistic.


EWI has failed so many traders over the past 12 months that it has been totally rendered WORTHLESS.

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