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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


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What am I missing about Yves and his track record? If you look at Yves buy and sell recommendations that are noted on Planet Yelnick going back to 2008 prior to the crash it appears that he's made the absolutely wrong call at the worst possible time. Let me know what's so special about Yves.


Nice ! The return of Yves, the best contrary indicator there is !

da bear

I am waiting for the alternate count in the next Elliott Wave Financial Forecast.

da bear

Mr. Panic

Nvidia is down 6+% in afterhours after warning of a revenue shortfall, most of it resulting from weaker revenue in its consumer GPU business. If there were a true economic recovery occurring this stock would be screaming towards a new 52 week high yet its already down about 50% from its March high. Intel also competes in this space. It will be interesting to see how the tech market handles this news tomorrow.

On a side note, Richard Russell has turned bullish so the market should proceed downward now. He's about as good a contrarian indicator as there is. Looking for a CBSmarketwatch column to highlight this call.

Trader John

Roger, can you please post latest chart? Where do you see us now and what sort of volatility are you expecting next week? Thx.


Having drinks with a few friends and shared Roger D dire predictions, told them of his solid track record, meticulous labeling, etc. One of them is a hedge fund person and, long story short, basically shares Roger's view. Not an Elliottician but someone with his ear to the ground and a history buff, too.

Interesting that you can reach same conclusion using different methods. Agree with Trader John that updated charts are in order! Keep it up and Ilegitimum Non Carbarundi! Best from Nova Scotia.




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