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Monday, August 09, 2010


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Three Cheers for Hungary!!! A big finger to the IMF and to their central bank!

"Now, the government of Viktor Orban, whose party won a landslide with more than two-thirds of the Hungarian parliament in April, has taken aim at the country's central bank, blaming it for keeping interest rates too high and thereby delaying the recovery. The government cut the salary of the Andras Simor, the governor of the central bank, by 75%. (If only we could have done that to Alan Greenspan or Ben Bernanke, just to make an example out of them for missing the two biggest asset bubbles in world history and thus guaranteeing our worst recession since the Great Depression.)"

Read more:


Hey Vipul,

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Exact Sciences (EXAS)


Keeping Hungary interest rate too high and it's a hurray for the Hungarian people? Are you out of your mind? I guess the people haven't learnt from their hyperinflation experience years ago.

french lick


Hank Wernicki

Tomorrow :

Gap Down

A "fall from grace" out of a 7-day Trading Box may be just ahead. /Chart:

In case you are interested, the Trading Box was formed right after the Cardinal Climax, as described by Arch Crawford, and mentioned also in this "3 experts" market discussion.

Daniel  - Taz

Well its possible that the diametric here in OZ that I have been running with has terminated.

If we can get a few more points of downside here in OZ we will have the fastest drop since the July low.

I am targetting the July 2009 lows - the speed of the drop will tell me whether it is an X wave to be followed by one last phase in a complex correction (Wave-B) or if Wave-C has kicked off.

The late rally in the US was led by the bear sectors so more downside should come through shortly.


Hank Wernicki

ES Down 8 points !!!

Lemon McMurphy

Hank can you post charts with your calls?

Hank Wernicki

Kaboom !

Hank Wernicki

here's the chart lemon

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