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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


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Account Deleted

Dow Jones Futures before opening bell


avertissement judicieux


Tomorrow : Gap Down
Great call Hank. Keep it to one line, or even one word where possible. :) Best. Chab.

Hank Wernicki


Simple is Good !


Hank you are making me want to take a closer look at your stuff. Nice goin'.


gold & to a lesser extent, silver, should soar from here. my targets are $2.6K gold and $40 silver within 12-months.

canned food might not be a bad idea, either:)

Wave Rust

spx looks overdone here at 1091

simple abc down from mondays top tick high close

any momentum indicator foretold this reversion.

wave rust

Hank Wernicki


Roger D.

The grand supercycle top in Mcdonalds only Greenspan and Bernanke could make.

Roger D.



You're pretty funny!

Of ALL the stocks that you obsess over and continue to highlight here on Planet Yelnick, you pick one of the strongest stocks on the board, MCD, that has been in a very bullish uptrend and that just made a new high.

Your "head and shoulders" top pattern in MCD in March of 2009 turned into an A-B-C-D-E triangle that broke out from $52.00 in a super mega bullish move up to $73.00

You have no idea what you are doing.

P.S. No TRADERS would even touch MCD. It simply doesn't move enough.

da bear


I think that gold is in a B wave and it made its B wave top at $1,263 and now we need a C wave down to set up the next major rise in gold.

If any of you have read the ELLIOTT WAVE PRINCIPLE by Frost and Prechter this gold market resembles the one they talked about back in the mid-seventies (page 170 or so). Gold rose as everyone anticipated people once again being able to legally buy gold once again. Then, once gold was on the market the price fell. Then after the C wave lower gold ran up to $850 over the next few years.

This time "everyone knows" (you should always say 'insert air quotes here' before you say "everyone knows," it is akin to the expression "they aren't making any more [FILL IN THE BLANK]" or "[FILL IN THE BLANK] never goes down."

Yes, so (insert air quotes here) "everyone knows" that gold is going up long-term.

but short term, it will fool as many people as possible...

da bear


Roger, this time I agree with you.

Last night I finished looking at a long term chart of MCD. The current high links up geometrically to the last two major tops in 1987 and 1999. I think we are there. However, since I am looking at the monthlies, a further top in Sept is possible. We could go down for quite a while from here.

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