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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


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I'm liking the fractal work better and better. It does seem more predictive, although I think Futia leans too hard on the bull side w/o regard to other factors. A weekly close below 1070 breaks the trendline from 3/09. I agree the next big number to watch is 1040.


You guys may enjoy this very simple chart:

The odds for P3 just increased by a good margin.


This is not a Primary 3 according to cycles which are bottoming this is a B-wave.

What the Stock Market Cycles are Saying Now!!


This is a pretty good analysis of the current recession..


Great stuff Y:

This guy usually provides a pretty good scan of global markets. With few exceptions, they all seem close to the edge. Next stop for the NIK appears to be 8000:



There are just way too many bears out there for this to be a top.

Markets dont go down a whole lot when EVERYONE is bearish.


According to Michael and Bulltard, this is a bull market. Yes! Buy the dip!!!

See. The A/D is telling us to buy.

Rally Time!

SP500 so far holding tough on trendline from Mar 09

If trendline holds again tomorrow....RALLY TIME INTO LABOR DAY

Rally Time!


When looking at fractals, I sometimes like to expand the first pattern and multiply it times a fib. For example, if my fractal contains 18 weeks of price activity, I may expand that formation by 1.618% or shrink it by .5% and visually inspect the charts trying to find a match. This chart is a 1 to 1 correlation. The what if remains that maybe this takes 1.618% of the time to occur, a bigger, deeper failure than everyone suspects. What else is there left to surprise anyone anyway? Not calling a crash. That didn't work out so well for me at least 3 times in 2009 and I have the posts to prove it.

I like to start with a good grid. I use Andrews Pitchforks, plotted of a major event - in this chart, the last gasp right shoulder rally from 2008 forms the green ascending fork and I've echoed outward with curves. It's the width of the channel, the slope of the channel that I'm interested in tracking. Sometimes it's on, and some times its not. When it's on, it's on good.

Major technical damage today on so many levels confirmed by many other chartists. I think the linked chart is an unusual way of demonstrating a fractal.


Sorry, trying to post the link:

es 2010 08 23 w annotated

Financial Market Fisherman

I think we will see 1070 on SPX at minimum, probably 1100.

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