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Sunday, August 29, 2010


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Hate the STU counts. If what's labeled as wave 3 is an impulse I'd eat my hat (if I had one).

Sherman "Double Long"McCoy

you do know, of course, that the "Hindenberg Omen" is meaningless because of all the bond etfs on the NYSE (we're in a bond bubble, and that this "Omen" is just a case of curve fitting in any event, right?


"This time around we avoided some crucial errors, especially the Fed intervention in 2008" The Fed is the banks and they (Bernanke and Paulson from Goldman Sucks) stole a whole bunch of money. The Fed is an evil institution and likely caused the Great Depression by design (Bonny and Clyde were the heros of the depression: "we rob banks"). Andrew Jackson had the right idea, kill the Fed.

Hank Wernicki

3 cheers for fractal finance !

Account Deleted

Dow Jones futures before opening bell


we have yet to hit an oversold threshold that has been reached/exceeded prior to bottoming for 13 of the past 14 downtrends - although we are about 80% of the way there.

da bear

Who was the person who believed that the orthodox top came in 1928 and not 1929?
Was it R.N. Elliott himself?
If so, then the 1928 to 1929 event could have been drawn out from 2000 to 2007. Then the rest would match up, with the Fall of 2008 equaling October 1929.

da bear


The 1920's housing market burst three years before the 1929 crash. Housing peaked in 2005, well after the technology bubble.

We didn't have the financial sector equity bubble until after 2002.

In the 1920's, the SEC cut margin for stocks to 10% from 20%. In 2006, Paulson cut margin from 50 to 15 percent.


Not true. Stock margin is still 50%. Hasn't changed in decades.


One thing is certain. When the market goes up one day, you will see comments about how the A/D line will have predicted this and how much money the guys will have earned with his coals, FCX stocks.

Roger D.

Has this grand supercycle finally topped? If MCD has topped and by my chart it is "finally finished",look for a fast decline back to the 54 area in the next 3 months.

Bernanke is F'ed along with the rest of us as Japan goes down the toilet first.

Roger D.


Congratulations Roger!

You continue to have no idea what an UPTREND is.
What's it feel like having been short one of the strongest stocks on the board this last Summer???

Hank Wernicki


Pat Riley Operator #136

Haha!!!! Yelnick put in a little coded 1987 reference. 1987 instead of 1087 trading range high. Freudian slip or intentional? It doesn't matter as the 10(-)87 is a hint of what's to come anyway. By the way, Friday was 87 (1987?) trading days from the April 26 high and 66 tds from the May 25 low. It was also 67 calendar days from the June 18 summer solstice high. Friday also marked the latest intermediate level strength trading day cycle that also appeared after a similar 4 day box shaped trading range on May 3. (which I highlighted here in real time---I put this up on the red pill site last night)

Roger D.


I am not short MCD and have never been short that stock, stupid AH.

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