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Thursday, September 16, 2010


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One of the uses of copper is as a hedge against the declining dollar, so it fair to include it in your analysis? As you probably know, a year or so ago the Chinese were stockpiling mountains of the stuff.


Chile is the biggest producer of copper in the world. You need to look at the production that got upset after the Earthquake. In otherwords, it's not always the Demand side of the equation that the market is operating under. It can also be disruptions in Supply.

That having been said, people continue to discount what is going on in China as far as demand is concerned. In my opinion, that is a BIG mistake!


"And for anyone who suggests I always bend toward EWI's view of things, it is they who have come around to the way I have shown my 5 primary wave counts of looking at things."

The above quote was found on Daneric's website today. His Ego is so HUGE . . . he's bigger than EWI and the market itself!

Too bad he's been flat-out WRONG for an entire year and hasn't made a dime trading.

Wave Rust

flash crash up ?
and guess what's shrinking ,,,, go ahead

it ain't bullish sentiment

trade a couple more decades and you'll get to see how often sentiment is right, as opposed to when it's wrong.

back to shrinkage and stinkage ,,,, smells like burning bear hair

A=flash crash
C was abcde and the e finished at 1040 Aug 31

If the correction ain't over (like if it was an intermediate A), then get ready for a big old B for a flat.

either way it's bullish ,,,, unless, of course, i'm wrong

ok, lets act bullish for little while. if not, i'll just let ya talk amongst yourselves about those good old down days last month.

wave rust

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