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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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Very nice summary - spot on.


We've been experiencing an unofficial weaker dollar "policy" for quite some time. Nothing really shocking about this, or what QE-II would do to the Dollar. I've been saying that the coal, iron ore, copper, and steel and commodity sectors have been the place to be for well over a year now. Unfortunately, the "Perma-Bears" who have been drinking heavily from the Prechter P3 "Kool-Aid" just don't understand this. As a result, they've missed out on some huge moves and returns.

As for ZH, when have they NOT run a "scare" piece??? Do those guys actually trade the markets, or do they simply write Gloom & Doom articles week after week, month after month, year after year?

Mamma Boom Boom

Eventually, people will stop talking about QE. It'll become accepted that this is what the fed does, it prints money.

(oh, the horror)


Wave Rust

Like every other american and every other country, china has learned to ignore the daily propaganda of President O'Blamer-in-chief.

we have all learned to watch what he does. china understands him much better than many americans. marxists are like that.

remember all of the soviet's new 5-year plans that came out every 3 years? each plan failed and was again blamed on capitalist pigs.

china and viet nam are more capitalistic than an Oblamer America might be.

China does not fear Oblamer or america ,,,, not even a bond collapse ,,,, their prosperity isn't totally dependent on the US.

still ,,,, don't fade the Fed and their charts. :)

wave rust

glad to see the cnbc marxist-in-chief, Zucker the sucker, leaving. Next, maybe Iranian supplier Immelt will follow.

Wave Rust

the usd is closing in on a low.
good scare pieces about usd crash should be followed by a cover article or two right before the election ,,,, and then the turn up for usd

stronger dollar in spite of oblamer? ya. the markets know a crash up is very close. you'll recognize it by the 20+ point opening gap that doesn't get filled. run forrest run

wave rust

Mamma Boom Boom

Back to the markets: is this turd going to finally break out?


Chuang Tzu

Use caution, McLarens top date is for tomorrow...


"china and viet nam are more capitalistic than an Oblamer America might be." - - - Wave Rust

You have absolutely NO IDEA what you are talking about. The Chinese Government has more central state-owned enterprises than ever before and controls every single signficant piece of infrastructure be it in telecommunications, energy, transportation, or defense. Only a complete FOOL would believe that capitalism exists in China.

They are NOT innovators. They are NOT creative. They do NOT design or produce anything that is new. Their closed society and weak education system does not allow for such innovation or creativity.

To claim that Capitalism exists in China ( by any measure ) is simply ludicrous!

Wave Rust

suffice it to say, you dont get it.

capitalism isn't a form of government, marxism is. try looking at the difference between the two, and then the difference between econ. sys. in viet nam and china 30 years ago versus their recent history.

it's much more capitalistic than before in both. just the dramatic changes of mobilty of domestic labor and domestic capital alone is palpable and evident.

china is just emerging into a crude mercantilist base and small family businesses are everywhere.

I recognize the heavy government control but things are changing much faster than I ever expected.

I'm happy for any positive changes for a people who have been living in oppression for centuries.

Education is the door to freedom in cases like that and other underdeveloped countries. HK is also a huge change agent there just as Taiwan has always been, as it out produced per/cap the mainland for decades.

you ought to visit there and see for yourself.

wave rust

John Mauldin


John Mauldin here. Like your stuff. Would love to chat. How does one get in contact with you?


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