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Friday, October 08, 2010


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Neo Tzu

Check out this Neely chart from 2006 before the plunge into the 4 year cycle low...

Now check out my recent chart from earlier today...

Any similarities? All I can say is I feel very comfortable being short here.

Neo Tzu

Flash crash video...

Roger D.

I thought there was a chance of a top today,but it's just too tempting here not to have one more thrust up. The FTSE will double top next week to finish P2. All the bulls will be in a frenzy of optimism and the bears will capitulate in their deepest despair. A perfect ending for P2 and the start of P3.

Roger D.

Roger D.

Another index that fits a final rally into the P2 top, The DJR Dow REIT index. Perfect timing as a top comes in right before the election and then a wave 2 and then all hell breaks loose after the election. You think these assholes don't have it figured out?

Roger D.

Neo Tzu

Ive been bullish for months, came within 2 points of my SPX 1170 I have been calling for....but it looks like its now time for the bears....if this final steep uptrend line breaks...we may see some big selling ahead...

Account Deleted

Hello DG !!

Can u please give me your views on this chart of a stock.One picture is Weekly Chart of the stock right from its inception and other one is a daily chart.

Thanx in advance

Mamma Boom Boom

I don't believe IPO's will have any interest until 'investors' return to the market. Maybe 20 years from now?


Great article in Barron's this week by Steve Wunsch on how Regulation NMS in 2007 and other SEC reforms ( notably doing away with block trading in 1997 along with decimalization ) have done away with human relationships on the Street, which has lead to less capital formation and IPO business, and more emphasis on high frequency trading.

As a result, investment banker's appetite for launching companies via IPO's has been in the doldrums for more than a decade, as described in the June 2010 Grant Thornton study entitled, "Market Structure Is Causing IPO Crisis."

By eliminating human traders, Reg. NMS has essentially killed off the culture of honest service that underpinned capital formation, freeing the former investment banks to focus instead on speculation.


Did we really install government to single out the people that built this country and shove them into a retirement of tough times? What is a reasonable safe return for joe six pack in retirement. 2 to 3 percent seems fair.

Ride of the Keynesian Cowboys:

The bulls would love a 10 percent correction here. The rush to get in would make your head spin.



Anyone else amused at the HFT hysteria?

Trading profits attained by shorting or market neutral strategies during periods of weak/flat markets always seem to draw the ire of the buy and hold crowd (as well as failed traders). Actually this seems to apply to any strategy outside of main stream buy and hold. The media is naturally more then happy to lead the witch hunt - whether it was the naked short sellers in the aftermath of the crash or the HFT "revenge of the machines" now. Soon it will once again be the commodity/metal speculators, especially agricultural commodities, anyway I plan to be one of them.


How do you make of Hang Seng breaking year-high, Shanghai breaking out of the channel? How can we drop here with all the positive divergence in the Asian market?


Check out the volume on the Shanghai Composite in its 2.5% move up today - the highest since Dec-09. Two consecutive gap-ups too. All evidence pointing towards a small wave 3 move in progress. Enjoy!

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