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Saturday, November 13, 2010


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Wonderful! The Ben Bernank is going to be thrown out on his ass. Just a matter of time. Ding dong the Fed is dead

Wave Rust


i got several good laughs out of that.

funny :)

wave rust


D2, love the song! Ding dong. Especially the munchkins. You can imagine the Fed is full of munchkins.

the general

Thank you Mish!
That was the best laugh I had since the S&P was at 666!


Holy crap Batman..... look at 2-10 year rates move up. Ben has to wonder what the hell is going on!

Account Deleted

ES Before opening bell: CLICK HERE

I've Been Prechterized

Bernanke has been, and continues to be the ONLY economic adult in the room.

He's been doing a fabulous job, and all of the naysayers on this blog (and others) are most likely people that have been following the "Gloom & Doom" mantra of EWI and shorting this market unsuccessfully for the last year and a half, with the most horrid of results . . . blowing up one PRIMARY count after another.

Let's face it . . .

The people that have been criticizing and whining the loudest on these E-Wave blogs are those that don't trade the markets, or those that don't even have the slightest understanding of how they work and who have been playing "Pick the Top" for the last year and a half to the point of blowing up their account.

Let me know when someone does a cartoon video on the "clowns" that have missed one of the greatest stock market rallies in a generation.


Prechterized, the loudest critics of The Ben Bernak have come from our trading partners and a whole bunch of economists, not from EWI, which has remained relatively silent on QE, seeming more inclined to focus on waves. Your shot across the bow of QE critics missed its mark. Over to you ...


Loudest critics are Pubs who are seeking political advantage after the election. QE throws a monkeywrench into the plan since they want to keep tax cuts for capital gains and dividends.

Roger D.

The JNK looks to have another leg down, 3rd wave?

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