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Thursday, November 04, 2010


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good article Yelnick! since no "guru" bears left out there, it's a good time to sell. I have an expanding triangle with reverse alternation starting on June 10th (SP500). 3-4 trading sessions left for wave e to finish. also the price broke ae/bd parallel channel, its a good sign that the end of e is close.

hopi tribe warrior

stocks up around 100% in just a year and a half

is that the best year and a half ever?

Reality Check

SPX now at 1226.

Maybe some day, Yelnick can highlight someone that really trades the markets and who has been RIGHT calling them over the past 18 months with real "skin" in the game.

How many more moves have to be "missed" before people will completely dismiss the likes of such pundits as Prechter, Hochberg, Neely, etc.


1576-667*61.8%....1229 on the S&P is the last line for the bears long term. That is, if you are into Fib ratio's.


@MHD -

"1229 on the S&P is the last line for the bears long term."

Don't worry, even if 1229 is broken, EWI will redefine things to the S&P priced in gold or oil or some other measure so that they can continue to defend their pseudo-science.


This piece keeps the bears' SPX 333 dream alive UNTIL the next round of short covering.


Chris....if you want the bull market to continue, EWI had better come up with a new bearish count:)

hedge fund compliance

Inflation should kick the earnings up full speed soon :D

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