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Monday, November 01, 2010


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Account Deleted

S&P 500 Analysis after closing bell: CLICK HERE



Well done as always.

Wave rust

QE 2.0 is about to mess up those averages, but what's a trillion between a handful of traders.

Is QE 2.0 just filling up the Hindenburg for a Veterans Day "surprise landing"?

How much is a trillion? It's relative.

That is a good perspective. You can send that oicture to your grandchild and circle one of those pallets and say, "this one is yours. You owe this one."

wave rust

Neo Tzu

How Bradley dates and the 10 week cycle may play out...

Neo Tzu

Clif High of Half Past Human suggests large tipping point hits November 8-11, 2010....


Tipping point??? Go back to a year ago when he pronounced how Oct 25, 2009 would be the tipping point of the market, the beginning of P3, the end of the sucker's rally since 2009 March. We all know how it ends.

Neo Tzu

Ive never heard Clif High mention he was an Elliottwave technician so I doubt he ever used the term P3

Oct. 25, 2009 did produce a top, a 400 point Dow selloff and a 10 month sideways move however.

Clif High is a type of weatherman....does a missed weekend snow forecast from your local TV weatherman invalidate meteorology? sure doesn't......near misses also dont invalidate the High-Ure chaos science technology which has had direct hits.

Neo Tzu

Mathematics of Voting

It is more likely that you will die in a car crash on the way to the voting booth than it is that your vote will make any difference in any election...

Video here:


There is no control, Neo Tzu, for a world where someone decides not to vote.

The Clif stuff, like Idiott Wave, is religion, not science. I like religion but I don't like using it to predict the future.

Account Deleted

S&P 500 Futures before opening bell: CLICK HERE


Yelnick.... does Tony C. wave count still have problems that makes you think his wave counts can't possibly be right? It does feel like this uptrend will never end and maybe he's right about wave 3 up is occurring and not wave 2 up with wave 3 down to follow.
Any new thoughts?


MHD, the problems remain: there is no extended wave in the three purported impulses, and no alternation in the corrective waves. 

From my earlier comment regarding no extended wave (1.6x longer):
wave 1 went from 667 to 956 or 289 ptswave 3 went from 869 to 1150 or 281 ptswave 5 went from 1045 to 1220 or 175 pts 

From my earlier comment on no alternation:
alternation can be across five dimensions: distance, time, intricacy, type (flat or sharp), or percent retracewave 2 went from 956 to 869 in a 4 week simple zigzag that retraced 30%wave 4 went from 1150 to 1045 in a 3 week simple zigzag that retraced 38% was wave 2 a flat that started in mid-May and alternates? No, that the C wave broke as a zigzag not a "5"

I had a dialog online with Tony over his earlier count, where his original impulse count had some odd waves (ie the inside wave bigger than the outside), but he has since modified away from that 

So what is this? Two reasonable possibilities as to a corrective wave:
wave 2 triple zigzag that should be topping about now (at a retest of the April highs)big X wave between a large flat (2000-2009) and the second wave of the Great Recession, upcoming

The X wave has two counts:
triple correction since Mar09 that is in its third pattern, a flat since Feb 2010 or maybe a triangle, ending soonthe drop since the April high is a wave B of a larger zigzag that will power up to 1300 levels by 2012


Bears are totally underwater again.
Just watch the FIREWORKS as SPX 1200 gets taken out later this week!

PSA Video

Volume keeps getting lower and lower - a giant trap door sinkhole is about to open up and trap the bulls



Europe ( CAC, DAX and FTSE ) is still in correction. SPX could end W3 or a B wave. Coming correction marks it.

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