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Monday, November 01, 2010


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I am not impressed with Leaf or Volt yet, time will tell all.

Who killed the electric car?

here is the


Does anybody know what it costs to recharge the batteries in a Volt, or Leaf, or Tesla, etc.? Electricity isn't free and I wonder if you could get a 40 mile charge for the price of a gallon of fuel ($2.85). How long will the battery pack last and how much to get a new one?


Thrill, the cost of transportation was calculated to be about 2-3cents a mile when using a "pure" electric vehicle.

Once the Model T and majority of cars ran on alcohol. Remember, the US used to be 90% farm based. Every farm had a "still" and early cars all ran on alcohol.

Rockefeller needed to end all local production of alcohol energy so he could monopolize the gas and oil business. Rockefeller funded the temperance movement, lobbied congress and was the instigator of the Prohibition Amendment.'s an old forgotten tale in American history.

Neo Tzu

Not many bears left...lowest bears since 2007...

Uploaded with



It was the GOLDEN CROSS(SPY followed by SPX)why there are no bears left.


There is both a Bullish Cross and Bearish Cross on the SPY chart

One of them is lying

used engines

ya buy a used engines & used engine parts from chevy or a salavage yard? Ill bet the junkyard engine is cheaper and lasts longer lol

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