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Monday, December 13, 2010


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Perhaps the biggest irony of all:

If you had 1 mm$ and you had to lend it to one of Iceland, Ireland, Greece, Portugal or Spain whom would you pick.

I think it is a pretty easy choice.

And is it really a "temptation" or just a matter of applying economic plinciples and doing the right thing. Would the real wankers please stand up!



Growing the economy in a devalued Krona is not growth at all.


Up next: Municipalities

No thanks,


I thought the same thing, Whitebear ...

however, the wages chart is "Real" wages, so, presumably, takes account of the devaluation. The Nominal GDP chart uses a different scale for Ireland (e155 - 200 ~29%) and Iceland (Ikr 1,000 - 1,750 ~75%) Also, there should be a huge step in the Icelandic chart representing the devaluation (a "nominal" event), there isn't one, so it may have been back-adjusted.

Lies, damn lies and statistics!

Account Deleted

SPX Shooting star and CCI negative divergence.

Wave Rust

both iceland and ireland are peopled with a good folks who have a strong drinking ethic.

did anyone in iceland or ireland notice their financial crisis?

i'll bet the bars didn't close.

wave rust

Wave Rust


unconstitutional mandate to individuals to buy healthcare insurance at the federal courts level ,,, soon to be at the supremes doorstep after the florida case gets a decision.

assume that it is held to be unconsty by the supremes ,,,,

i'd like your opinion on the difference between the unconstitutionality of forcing individuals to buy healthcare insurance and the presumptive constitutionality of the federal mandate to buy Social Security Insurance and Medicare Insurance every payday.

it would be ironic if the supremes decide the current healthcare law to be unconsty which then becomes the legal fulcrum for invalidating SSI and Medicare.

but maybe thats not possible.

wave rust


Wave, one is a tax paid to the govt and the other is not. If obamacare had taxed the worker and given back a voucher to buy insurance, it would be like Medicare Advantage and also a tax not a mandate


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Wave Rust

thanks duncan

Mamma Boom Boom

Notice how the rise, in December, has been quite anemic.



Answer: Tax loss selling against gains.

Wave Rust

and year end tax sells is an annual occurence, and so is december.

gits dem gurus every time.

wave rust

Mamma Boom Boom

>gits dem gurus every time.
wave rust<

Wave, hope won't don't mind if I whistle, quietly, to myself.



Hock, I am preparing an update on investing in munis. Bruce Kasting is fear mongering

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What will be your harvest this year, my friends?

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