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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


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What a joke. So much for the deficit reduction commission. How quickly does this change accelerate Social Security insolvency?


An increase in the Estate Tax???
I think you want to re-check your facts on that Duncan.


Michael, don't be fooled. The estate tax is ZERO right now and will go to 35%. The politicos spin it as, it would have gone to 55%! But that is not a cut but a raise, just less than would have happened if pre-Bush taxes were restored. Whether 35% is good or bad policy, a raise is a raise.


Wait a minute.

Everyone knew full well what the Estate Tax rates WERE and ARE from the Economic Growth and Tax Reconciliation Act of 2001. To suggest anything other than that is to be surreptitious.

Excluding Year 2010 ( when rates were legislated to zero ) the Estate Tax Schedule started at 55% in 2001 and ends at 55% in 2011, with the lowest tax rates at 45% during years 2007, 2008, and 2009. The highest threshold was $3.5 million in 2009.

IT IS A TAX SCHEDULE, not an absolute year.

Since the Estate Tax rate will now be 35%, with the new exemption level at $5 million instead of going back to the legislated rate of 45% and $3.5 million, I would genuinely say that the RATE was lowered. This rate and exemption level came from the Senate Bill AMDT-873 from April of 2009!

The Estate Tax schedule of rates was cut in stone almost a decade ago. Year 2010 was an "outlier", and not representative of the actual taxation schedule. to claim that the Estate Tax has always been at zero certainly makes no sense given that the Estate Tax has been a schedule, put in place nearly 10 years ago.

Hank Wernicki


Michael, all that is so, but still the 35% estate tax is an increase over 2010 as I said

Why not consider this: the one-year payroll holiday is a trap for the R's:  a year from now the D's will say, you cannot let it expire!! You are increasing taxes! Giving the R's a piece of their own medicine

Point is, the so-called Political Compromises are nothing of the sort, just gamesmanship where the PUBLIC draws the short straw.


Michael, can you talk about your stock of the year "EXAS"?


What is it that you would like to know?

All pertinent information can be found on their website, including the publishing of their Validation Study data.

I also believe that I covered a number of points in a rather lengthy post awhile back.


PS. You can also research what the CEO did at his previous company, "Third Wave Technologies" when they developed an HPV screening test which got approved by the FDA, and the company was bought out by HOLX.



where is your speculation on EXAS price moving? Is this a good time to buy?. Thanks.


Do your own due-diligence.

I've Been Prechterized

Looks like ALL of the pundits were wrong when they said that the Govt. would never get the taxpayers money back out of Citi.

Can you say $12 BILLION DOLLAR PROFIT???


Wave Rust

Estate taxes are so evil. Taxing assets and investments that have mostly already been taxed as income somewhere, sometime before.

Taxes suck the blood our of you, your whole life, then you die. Then taxes suck even worse. They suck as much of the value left as they possibly can. But its better than Russia where they just take your company and throw you in prison.

Get a trust, prime it with life insurance to pay the bills.

wave rust


Prechterized, the pundits in general thought TARP would get its money back from the banks, even make a profit. It is the use of TARP into GM and Chrysler that pundits thought was throwing money down the drain, as well as being completely outside the legalities of TARP.


Off topic but this is really sick. Big Sis to address public via telescreens at Walmart checkout lanes.


Shanghai Composite & Shenzhen Composite

Shanghai Composite has been consolidating in a narrow range on anaemic volume, after the quick drop from 3150. The 2950 level proving to be solid resistance to the upside, while a break below 2800 might see support just under 2700. Probability of a move down is higher in keeping with the short-term trend.

As for the wave count, the bullish count is hanging by a thread. A break below 2700 will be bearish, and possibly indicating a truncation.

Shenzhen Composite (SZSE)

It might be useful to look at the other Chinese Index: The Shenzhen Composite, which is painting a more bullish picture.

Although still below its' all-time highs, it has exceeded its rally highs. After a successful back-test, it is currently in a triangle consolidation. As long as it stays above 1230 level, there's more upside ahead. Depending on your stock selection (or that of your fund manager), your performance might be closer to this index.

I will be posting occasional updates on the SZSE as well in the future.


"Point is, the so-called Political Compromises are nothing of the sort, just gamesmanship where the PUBLIC draws the short straw." - Yelnick

Please tell me how a cut in the Payroll Tax of 2% for every wage earner is an example of the PUBLIC drawing the short straw???


JT, it dumps the debt on downstream taxpayers. If they had cut spending to pay for it, a different issue. Wonder why the bond yields are going north?


"JT, it dumps the debt on downstream taxpayers." - Yelnick

You are now talking about something else, and not TAX policy.


"Why not consider this: the one-year payroll holiday is a trap for the R's:  a year from now the D's will say, you cannot let it expire!! You are increasing taxes! Giving the R's a piece of their own medicine." - Yelnick

I'm sorry, but your premise in this is faulty.

How can you NOT believe that Obama is ALSO in the same "trap" in 2-years when these tax cuts expire and he's running for re-election on a platform that will be supporting a tax INCREASE?

Your logic isn't consistent.


JT, borrowing IS tax policy, as the debt needs to be repaid. Increasing the deficit is a future tax burden. Or we inflate the debt away, which is as bad or worse than taxing to pay it back. the idea that suffering more deficit is "free" only works if the tax cuts drive increased economic growth that more than makes up (in future tax revenue) the investment in tax cuts. Some cuts have done so - Reagan's, Kennedy's, Harding's (1920s) but some have not (Bush, Obama so far). This type of temporary tax cut in payroll taxes is not the type which spurs business investment and growth.


JT, the premise is spot on. The R's are in the trap first and yes Obama may be in the trap a year later.

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