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Monday, January 31, 2011


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IP Freely

Have you found your senses, and given up on Elliot Wave and become a trend follower? Welcome to the club!


Yel I think a longer term perspective would help in this....for instance in 2003, Sensex was closer to 3K while the Dow was almost Sensex is ~18K...of course a pessimist may argue that this means that the Sensex can fall much more but I suspect the last 6-7 years are the first shot across the bow in favour of EM's handily beating DM's for a long long time, inflation or deflation


This is what a professional politician does: say one thing and then do the other....

Account Deleted

ES Before opening bell:


Market surging again!
Dow Jones +85 and Naz +31 and SPX +13
Perma-Bears left shaking their heads.
This crowd couldn't make money even with a printing press, especially after the BEST January since 1997.

Mamma Boom Boom

JT, I'd recommend you go 200% long.


I've been LONG since Labor Day.

Anyone that trades what they SEE on their charts, instead of what they HOPE to see has done well over the last several months, let alone year and a half. Sorry to hear that you are so bitter and angry. You obviously haven't done well. Poor Mamma.

SPX 1301

prechter lover

I wish I'd gone 200% long. 'Stead of praying for doom and gloom and combing through the crystal ball websites for shreds of "ominous waves" and "cataclysmic turn dates." Bunch o' bs.

Mamma Boom Boom

>You obviously haven't done well. Poor Mamma.<

I've done alright. I went long in May and flat in Dec. (1260) That's good enough for me, I normally don't day trade.

But I think, since you and your bunch have such superior intelligence, that you should lever the house-to-the-hilt, right here at that 1301 that you love so much. Come on, chicken shit, lever up!



Blah, blah, blah...
Poor Mamma. She speaks with so much anger and bitterness and jealousy. A typical blowhard poster that just HATES seeing people make money! Nasdaq +41.


I wish I'd gone 200% long at 1301. Mama BooBoom, you sound bitter. I hope you are humbled. Seriously. I don't get any kicks out of watching other people lose money.

You don't know much. No one does. Stick to doing something productive.


Cudos to JT:

"This crowd couldn't make money even with a printing press, especially after the BEST January since 1997."

Wow. You must be da man!



this bull market is going much higher, SP500=1500 by the end of march


Should be Bric - A - Break, maybe??

This 1310ish area was about as high as I thought it could get without making some kind of correction - you get about the same area Yelnik?



Very powerful bull market. Wow. I am impressed. What a rocket ship this has been since March '09.

Mamma Boom Boom


I could not have preyed for a better set-up. Life is great.


That says it all.
Kids playing on the Internet and unable to spell the word PRAY.

How sad.


Joe, Bric-a-brac is normal spelling, bric-a-brack refers to a "brack" or crack. I had thought of bric-a-bracked to make it clearer.


Agree that spelling prayed "preyed" does not instill confidence. But why have anything but low expectations of anyone who feels the need to prognosticate online?

Mamma Boom Boom

>Agree that spelling prayed "preyed" does not instill confidence.<

You tootie-fruity, what kind of confidence do you plan on gaining from a 'FREE' website?


Name calling doesn't impress, either. Least impressive is bearish calls in the face of a historically large bull move.


It was a joke Yelnik - you know, the charts look like they broke down so Birc -A "Break" - a bad joke I guess.



More "tooty-fruity" notes for you:

1. Plan to gain. Not "plan on gaining."

2. Why is free in quotes?

3. How do you eat?


Same old trend.....invest before the close on the last trading day of the month and sell at the close of the first day of the month. I think 134 points out of 143 total gain in S&P 500 was on the first trading day of month. And so it continues with around 1.4% gain on Jan 3rd and even better this month as of 3:00. Old Benny Boy must like to ramp it up at the beginning!!!!!!!


MHD, Sy Harding had a great post this morning, about how all the upside happens the last day of a month and the next three days. Hence take profits on Thursday and stay out until around Feb27


Has anyone seen David Rosenberg lately?
How about Neely? Prechter? Hochberg?

Does anyone really care at this point?
Just checking.


JT, I'd recommend you go 200% long.

Posted by: Mamma Boom Boom | Tuesday, February 01, 2011 at 07:45 AM

Did anyone do it?


Has anyone seen David Rosenberg lately?
How about Neely? Prechter? Hochberg?

Does anyone really care at this point?
Just checking.

I don't know about Prechter and Hochberg, but Neely was stopped out again on his short this morning. Another "larger and faster" move that was a bad signal.

I've Been Prechterized

Does (C) = .618 of (A) around 1309 ???


preyed = prey

da bear

Hochberg thinks stocks can move up a bit more. But, even if it does top soon I am not sure where the big break down would come. For instance, the second top in 2007 came in October but the big break down didn't occur until the fall of 2008.

If stocks top by the Spring then I think the biggest down turn will occur in the fall. A secondary fall crash would parallel the 1931 experience.

The most interesting Elliott wave debate is occuring in gold. I am thinking that if gold is in an a-b-c rally of the 2000 low then wave a ended in March 2008 and corrective wave b ended in the fall of 2008. Since then gold has been in wave c up. If this wave c is 1.62 times wave a then a target high would come out around $1,953. Secondly, I think long-term gold is in the wave c of the larger WAVE B of IV (tip of the hat to EWI on their silver count which has it in a B wave).

da bear

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