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Monday, January 31, 2011


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Mamma Boom Boom

Here's another view of The-Great-Decline-Of-American-Manufacturing:


The Dow Jones just recorded the BEST January since 1997 at +2.7%

The Bears got crushed this month.


Yes, they did. I suspect there are lots of "Elliotticians" who are just bears looking for data, arguments, and waves to justify their bearish bent. I also suspect that is true of bulls! Elliott is mumbo jumbo that serves the purposes of whatever religion you adhere to.

Mamma Boom Boom

>The Bears got crushed this month.<

So what kind of juice does that make? I'm sure it's not fit to drink, but maybe you could wax your car with it, or water-proof you sail. (just thinking out loud)


Ugh. Idiots. Me included.


Yelnick - unbelievable. I watched Geithner last night on Bloomberg / Rose at Davos. Interesting interview. Econophile's report, however, has more credibility and is much more down to earth than the smug, self-congratulatory clap-trap that I was listening to last evening. My take - either Geithner is very VERY badly informed, or just plain lying through his teeth. I hope for his sake that he is right, and that Econophile's report is wrong!


Neely stopped out again on his short. Another "larger and faster" move that signaled...absolutely nothing.


Chab, the interesting factoid this morning is that while ISM is up (61%), input costs are up much more (81%), meaning some sort of margin squeeze is underway.


meaning some sort of margin squeeze is underway.
Yelnick - As you may know, KD has been banging on about this for months. Here is his latest No need to respond.

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