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Thursday, January 06, 2011


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Bill Daley becomes Obama's new Chief of Staff.
A shrewd move for the Administration, and the business community. I've always maintained that Obama is a CENTRIST. The appointment of Bill Daley is more evidence of this.



I've always maintained that Obama is a CENTRIST.

You and the two other people who believe this probably have a grand old time telling each other, too.

"We'll start from the top. Obama's childhood mentor was chosen by his guardians, his grandparents, and was avowed communist Frank Marshall Davis. Obama did in fact gravitate toward communist professors in college; moreover, we now know about ex-communist John Drew, a contemporary of Obama's at Occidental College who verifies that Obama was "in 100-percent total agreement" with his communist professors and was a flat-out "Marxist-Leninist" who believed in old-style communist revolution.

We also know that upon graduating, Obama spent twenty years in a black-power church, Trinity United of Reverend Jeremiah Wright fame, and had an alliance with self-proclaimed communist and ex-terrorist Bill Ayers. It also appears -- and I have yet to see anyone address and disprove this association -- that Obama was a member of the socialist New Party in Chicago in the 1990s. Then, upon being elected, Obama appointed avowed communist Van Jones to his administration and also Anita Dunn, who cited mass-murderer Mao Tse-tung as one of her two favorite philosophers. There's more, too, but greater detail is hardly necessary.

It also shouldn't be necessary to ask the question, but I will:

What is nuttier: to claim that this man is a communist or to claim that such an assertion is out-of-bounds?

What is the obvious conclusion?

Now, some may say that a person can change markedly over a thirty-year period. This is true. Yet not only do we have the recent evidence of Obama's radical communist appointments, but there's something else as well. It hit me just the other night.

Just as we would demand that our leaders completely reject Nazi ideas, all good Americans should agree that complete rejection of communist ideas is a moral imperative. Losing a little youthful zeal or adding a dose of pragmatism just isn't enough. A pragmatic communist, in fact, could be more dangerous than an old-guard type.

Yet a transition from flat-out "Marxist-Leninist" to someone who rejects the red menace is a pretty big change, don't you think? In fact, wouldn't such a personal evolution -- some might say revolution -- be a kind of conversion? I think so.

Now, many people do experience conversions. I think here of erstwhile radical-leftist David Horowitz; ex-liberals Michael Savage and Robin of Berkeley; and President George W. Bush, who accepted Christ as an adult. And then there's me: I was never a liberal, but I did transition from being a scoffer at religion and an agnostic to a devout Catholic.

There's an interesting thing, however, about conversions.

You hear about them."


Michael, centrist? seriously? He was also supposed to be some sort of post-partisan politician, and instead he exhibited the worst of the Chicago style of hardball partisan political thuggery. He now picks another Daley to continue the Chicago Way. In any event, chief of staff is not a policy position but a political management position. Hard for me to picture a centrist being a political thug, but that is what Obama wishes to continue.

Jacques DeMolay Langdon

Ho-hum, Another 300+reading on ISEE all equities, on a day with substantially negative breadth.....

Yelnick's site now features ads from gold companies. Very interesting. Sort of like those Dan Zanger adds that started appearing over at Daneric's last April and which have recently returned.

Prepare for Bear Grit day tomorrow.

If the jobs report is as great as everyone is expecting tomorrow, then I'd guess we could get get an ISEE reading of 500. By the way today's high of SP 1278.17 minus 3-6-9's low of 666.79=====611.38......March 6 2009 close was 683.38, the last two numbers being the equivalent of 611.11. On 1-6-11 of course. John Wayne's original True Grit was released on 6-11-69 and we have another 1969 anniversary fast approaching since the numbers 69 and 1969 seem to have a special place in the hearts of the media minders: the overly hyped New York Jets won their only Superbowl on January 12,1969 against the heavily favored Baltimore Colts. The Jets made the playoffs this year with a 11-5 (1-6) record and will face guess who on Saturday???? Of course, the Colts.

Tomorrow is also the UNSTOPPABLE force number of days since the November 21,2008 lows.

The Statue of 3 Lies reveals the truth.



I think you nailed it this year. No real fireworks until 2012. Read an article on wind power over the holidays. The subsidy equivalence was just staggering. A far bigger joke than Dubya's ETOH.

Only one you missed was Baltimore winning the super bowl. Shouldn't call it a miss I guess, rather an easy layup you could have used to pad your score




I think you are wrong......

"I've always maintained that Obama is a CENTRIST."


But this promise leads, inevitably, to a question: Can such a majority be built and led by Mr. Obama, whose voting record was, by one ranking, the most liberal in the Senate last year? [This article was written on March 25, 2008]


Hock - Ravens? If so, this is the Year of the Harbaughs. BTW I really respect Luck's decision to stay one more year in college. Life is more than moola. Let him go for the national championship & Heisman first.

Saw a piece on energy independence that made sense:
- use coal for making diesel
- use thorium (the next best thing to fusion) as base electricity -- drive for 80% throium!
- fuggetabout solar/wind as follies
- push for more radical solutions such as ultracapacitors for batteries, new engines, LED lighting, etc.

Hank Wernicki

Thursday 8:27 pm

1/4/11 IS THE BASE


Hank, thanks for sharing. Tomorrow could be fun. To me this is intriguing:

- the 667 low is precisely on the 61.8% retrace between 1982 and 2007, remarkable
-the 1278 January high is almost spot on the 38.2% level between 1228 (the high back in Nov) and 1361
(why 1361 is a longer story)



I agree completely on the energy front. In the mean time switch to nat G. It is an absolute no brainer.

Yes, the incubation period for Joe Flacco is over(3 years is enough). Time for some big games from him.

And talk about a steal: can you believe what they pay Ray Rice?!



Y, may I also add another : The divergence between emerging market equities and developed market equities will get stronger...contrary to many popular calls for the Dow to outperform emerging equities, it will be significantly the opposite


Fun post.
Some predictions I wanted to see for 2011 - your take on:

1) Precious metals (bullion vs stocks)
2) Potential for additional QE
3) Potential for substantial cuts to deficit spending getting enacted
4) Potential for legislative reigning in of Fed possibly to a single price stability mandate


Some of those predictions from the Yelnick Blog sound very similar to my own !

His: 5. China slows, is the same as mine,
and if it happens, this will have knock-on impact upon commodities, which I see lower, possibly from a January high.

His: 6. Dollar rising, is also in line with mine
But I think there is a high likelihood it will be triggered by Debt problems in Europe.

Then maybe later in the year, the US states will begin going down like dominos, and the problems seen by Europe will spread to the USA.
He does not see a big problem with municiple defaults, and I wonder why not?

His: 7. Stocks move sideways, seems inconsistent with a rising dollar.
Again, I wonder why he forecasts that. I think we could have mini-crashes in 2011, with a bigger one in 2012.

His: Social mobile boom, is the opposite of mine.
I think this mania is close to the end. Can it be kept alive through the flotation of Twitter and Facebook?
Maybe, but it will take some major levitation efforts to keep it going 6-9 months until those are "out the door."

I think these IPO will not both succeed. Too much potential buying will have been "used up" in the pre-IPO phase imho
== == ==

Above is from my own site / see, hear my own predictions there (post #39):


Synfuels from have been around for awhile. SSL has been doing it profitably and is helping China build up their infrastructure. Lucky for them they don't have such inconveniences like the EPA & the Dept of Interior.

Coal methanation has had some road blocks lately, pinballing between science projects and boondoggles.
However, I'm no fan of BHO, but with a Daley in the White House and Rahm in Chicago, midwest & appalachian coal just got a lot more attractive.

>>Stocks move sideways. Maybe after they pullback to the plateau between 1040 & 1230. Rally since Nov a false upside break?

And you AFC guys need to watch out for the Bears. You know this is Cutler's first winning season since high school? A stunning string, maybe it signals the end of the majors (schools, markets) dominance. Anyway the NFC is weak and anything could happen.



What you and your Silicon Valley buddies should do is find something so unique and exciting for him to do after graduation (with his architectural design degree) so he does not play NFL football.... Or maybe get him into the VC business. Tell him that he can make more money doing that and keep his body from taking those big hits.... That would screw up a lot of people in the NFL......

Mamma Boom Boom

Banks are getting 'REAMED' in Massachusetts.

Mamma Boom Boom

"Final Tab for Pelosi’s Speakership: $5.34 Trillion in New Debt—Or $3.66 Billion Per Day"


"Climate Change becomes a joke. Every weather event that is blamed on "global warming" is now done with tongue in cheek."

I thought this was already happening, at least in the private sector...



I disagree on your opinion of the Chief of Staff position being more or less of a political manager, and having no policy input.

You fail to mention that Bill Daley is extremely PRO BUSINESS. He's a former Secretary of Commerce that has sat on the boards of Boeing,Merck, Boston Properties, and Loyola University. He is the former President of SBC Communications, not too mention Chairman of JP Morgan's Midwest region who was in charge of integrating the Bank One acquisition. He was also the Vice Chairman for Evercore Partners, which was set up by Roger Altman.

Anyone who discounts his influence in the Oval Office is simply fooling themselves and will be sadly mistaken.

Hank Wernicki

12:55 pm

12 points

Mamma Boom Boom

This should give you a good idea of where we are going.



Leave it to you to claim that a President who sends another 35,000 troops into Afghanistan, leaves Guantanamo Bay open, refuses to reform the Patriot Act in regards to surveillance and civil liberties, extends the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich, not too mention appoints a huge capitalist (that the AFC-CIO hates) in the likes of Bill Daley as his Chief of Staff . . . is a Liberal and Communist.

You really are a piece of work.
Perhaps its time for yet another 1200 word essay.
Thanks for the laughs!


Hey Mamma Boom Boom

You say 2012-2013 sp=660

but G.S says 2012 sp=1500

What to do?

Mamma Boom Boom

asd: It's easy, go to cash. Even they they are correct, which they are not, look at the difference in the risk/reward ratio.



Do you really believe that sp will go to 660? it is so far away....

Mamma Boom Boom

asd: I don't know what it will do this year, my models don't work that way. But, I'm certain the direction is turning down, and I think that before this fiasco is over we'll take out the old low of 666. I see nothing safe, nothing. Maybe drugs and old coins.


Wave Rust

harbaugh to be 49er coach

wave rust

Wave Rust

Harbaugh will need some Luck at the niners :)

Luck said he was staying for the sheepskin though.

wave rust


Wow, with all the Kenyan Manchurian Candidate talk here, I am amazed how you guys can discern valid trading signals among all this Communist paranoia.


Thanks for the laughs!

Posted by: Michael | Friday, January 07, 2011 at 11:38 AM

"A loud laugh bespeaks a vacant mind"

He does those things because the reality on the ground is not yet ripe for the kinds of things he'd like to do. Not to worry, though, I'm sure the dozens of czars he's created will set the wheels in motion behind the scenes.

Is there anything you do understand at anything greater than the most superficial level?


Wow, with all the Kenyan Manchurian Candidate talk here, I am amazed how you guys can discern valid trading signals among all this Communist paranoia.

Posted by: Sobranie | Friday, January 07, 2011 at 02:03 PM

Actually, the ability to trade and the ability to see through Communists' BS are one and the same skill: to see reality as it is.

Plus, I agree, why be paranoid about an ideology responsible for over 100 million deaths over the past century. Sheesh, what's the big deal, right? I'm sure those damn non-Communists had it coming. All 100 million of 'em.

I'd trade all of you Communist apologists for just one Eastern European who actually lived through it. Go ask them if it's just "paranoia" to keep your eyes and ears open for ANY signs of commies.

DG's Daddy

"He does those things because the reality on the ground is not yet ripe for the kinds of things he'd like to do. Not to worry, though, I'm sure the dozens of czars he's created will set the wheels in motion behind the scenes." - DG

I guess we all here at Planet Yelnick shouldn't be too surprised that you "hear voices" and embrace all sorts of bizarre "conspiracy" theories that are ever so clandestinely taking place "behind the scenes" as our Communist leader plots into the wee hours of the night of how to sew the seeds of our great Nation's destruction with just two years left in the Oval Office.

I suggest that it's time to get off your meds son.
They clearly aren't working.


Yes, because Communists and other far left types have never resorted to conspiracies and stealthy implementation of the groundwork for assuming power when open violent revolution was not feasible.

Oh, wait, did I say "never"? I meant, "always".

Why don't you crack open a history book?

I only wish that one day the full force of what you don't know you don't know could come crashing down on you. Watching your pea-brained head explode would be quite fun.







Neo-Mamma: "I think that before this fiasco is over we'll take out the old low of 666. I see nothing safe, nothing. Maybe drugs and old coins."

A very bold and courageous prediction -- you're almost alone. And, you have cred because you're not a perma-bear (but had been bullish earlier as I remember).

It sure "feels" as if this bull market is unstoppable. But, some of my indicators are more overbought than ever. I'm too afraid to short this market though -- not now.

Do you have a catalyst or a "tell" for us to look for / follow?


Yo Mama! I'm not disagreeing with ya, butt the timing is the hard part. We're gonna get some pain, I just don't think it's this year. Corrections and sideways action yes, butt not the motherlode.

Mamma Boom Boom

>Do you have a catalyst or a "tell" for us to look for / follow?<

Just stay in touch, right here.

One week into the new year and my short term indicators are starting become activated. Maybe, by the end of this coming week I'll have a better handle on all time frames.

Keep in mind, from a fundamental point-of-view, in 2008 we had a big problem. Today, our happy-assed leadership have made that problem 5-10 times bigger. There really is no way out. There's a good chance United States will split up, just like USSR did. It's going to be a very dangerous place to live.


Mamma Boom Boom

>butt the timing is the hard part<

butt, butt, that's what I excel at.


I don't know who is more a waste of my time reading . . .

"Roger D" and his worthless interpretation of Elliott Wave, or DG's claims that Obama is a Communist.

Hank Wernicki

Got a buy sweet crude , going to hit new highs again !


The Truth

"The crossfire is intense, so penetrate through enemy territory by bombing through the press, and use your strong weapons -- your Big Guns -- to drive to the hole. Shoot with accuracy; aim high and remember it takes blood, sweat and tears to win,"- Sarah Palin

Palin has got to be the dumbest broad in America.



Thrill: just about everyone is saying sideways and a little up for 2011. It feels that way to me too, yet isn't this just the type of strong consensus that is typically wrong?

Neo-Mamma: I agree that the US splitting apart is a realistic possibility. Lots of fault lines are appearing: ethnic, cultural, age and class. It's my lazy Saturday, and I read lots of comments on various news stories. It's noteworthy how divided our country has become -- and how angry. There really are multiple and separate America's already.

If a whole is greater than the sum of its parts, then union makes sense. The cohesive force is greater than the centrifugal forces pushing things apart. For most US history, this has clearly been the case.

But... is this still the case? Would parts of the US now be better off on their own? Better off with their own currency and without massive national debt? And, with the ability to better govern themselves according to their own values and circumstances? What does AK have in common with the large population urban areas of the lower 48 which decide national elections?

IF... the centrifugal forces have now become greater than the cohesive ones, then won't things push apart with the only question being how it will unfold? The weakest and most dependent states should be expected to cling to union while the stronger ones would want out. That'd be an interesting dynamic.

Anyway... will stay tuned... keep us up to date on your indicators.


Interesting take on the market:




Commie comments aside, I think the real issue is that governments are being forced to change. They are going to be forced to focus on what they need to do rather than on what they want to do. This leaves Obama like a fish out of water.

Imagine a Mass Dem running in 2012. Kerry couldn't do it in a different world against a complete zero. Today, it would be viewed as a joke of biblical proportions.

Obama is finished imo. The only thing going for him is just how bad bush/cheney were. That in itself should give any rational person pause before voting.



btw, one of my weekly indicators is on the verge of a sell for the RUT. A sell signal would mark the end of the rally since September. That rally is overextended and a correction is overdue. This indicator has a profit factor of 1.41 over 23 years -- and I haven't changed the parameters in many years.


"Obama is finished imo. The only thing going for him is just how bad bush/cheney were. That in itself should give any rational person pause before voting." - Hock

I disagree.
The GOP has nobody.
And Palin's continual venom, bitching and moaning, and unadulterated hate just tarnished the Tea Party with permanent damage given the tragedy today with Congresswoman Giffords.

I think that Obama is far from finished.
The stockmarket has been booming and the Economy is getting a lot better. Moreover, Obama just appointed 3 people from the Clinton era that were in charge when this Nation enjoyed low unemployment, job growth, and a budget surplus . . . things that Bush/Cheney could only DREAM aboutduring their 8 years!

Obama's recent appointment of Bill Daley as his Chief of Staff is quite telling in this regard. Daley isn't there to manage politics. He's there to help facilitate dialogue with the business community and shape policy. Anyone that is aware of his impressive resume knows that he is very PRO BUSINESS. Anyone claims anything to the contrary is simply naive, or just talking out of their azz.

Let's face the facts . . .

It only took Obama 2 years to figure out that he needed to triangulate back towards the CENTER, even though I never really believed that he was much of a Liberal that his followers thought he was in the first place when they voted him into office. ( see Iraq, see Afghanistan, see Patriot Act, see extending Bush Tax Cuts, see Gitmo Bay ). In any event, it took Dumbya 5 full years before he figured out that Donald Rumsfeld had no clue what he was doing.

Dumbya was without a doubt the worst President that this Nation has seen since the Peanut Farmer took office. He was the Mike Singletary of US Presidents.


"And Palin's continual venom, bitching and moaning, and unadulterated hate just tarnished the Tea Party with permanent damage given the tragedy today with Congresswoman Giffords."

Your arguement has no merit imo. You are just telling us what you would like to see happen.

"I think that Obama is far from finished."

Well, we will have an answer to that soon enough. I think he is a one termer, frankly I think most would be as well in this environment.

"Dumbya was without a doubt the worst President that this Nation has seen since the Peanut Farmer took office. He was the Mike Singletary of US Presidents."

Jimmy Carter, the last president who didn't try to borrow his way into America's hearts. With Obama trying to borrow enough in his first term to make Dubya look responsible (and he is doing a hell of a job at it), it fits that you would hate Jimmy, the most misunderstood and maligned president since the war.




Do you have a mirror at home? Can you tell us the debt the government incured on Obama's watch compared to that of Bush's erra? No defense of Bush either, but are you serious you have a valid argument here? Didn't Obama run his campaign claiming Oil is high because of Wall street greed and corruption? So where is oil now and what has changed?

Haven't you figured out yet that Obama's policies are the same of Bush's but at a geometric scale bigger?

If Obama and you disagree with Bush's financial policies, can you tell me why did he keep Ben as the head of the financial engineering authority in this country?

Expanding the economy on inflation is stealing people's rights, wealth and hard earned income and distributing it to those who engineered the whole process like Goldman and the like.


This is unfortunately the imagery & rehtoric that has become more common in politics. See:

At a Clinton victory dinner in Little Rock in 1992, Emanuel celebrated by reciting a hoped-for necrology of Democrats who had "fucked" the president-elect. After every name, he stabbed a steak knife into a table and screamed, "Dead man!" As it turned out, Emanuel was just the kind of shameless asshole the Democrats needed to win back power.

This is one of the (obviously many) reasons there were all the complaints about animal house in the White House.


"it fits that you would hate Jimmy, the most misunderstood and maligned president since the war." - Hock

It's downright ironic that you side with an ex-President that was quoted in May of 2007 as saying in an interview "I think as far as the adverse impact on the nation around the world, this (Bush) Administration has been the worst in history when it comes to foreign affairs."

I never said that I hated President Carter. But his boycott of the 1980 Olympics did in fact effect me personally . . . Tell me, did you enjoy the inflation rate running at 11% in 1979 and 12% at the time of his 1980 election campaign?

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