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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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Tim Cook



For Q2, the company is targeting revenue of about $22 bln and EPS of about $4.90 per share. The Street is at $20.7 bln in revenue and earnings of $4.47 per share.


Love My iPod


Tim Cook

The iPad has only been in existence for less than a year, and yet Apple had $4.4 BILLION in SALES for the iPAD.

Mamma Boom Boom

Tim Cook, you have a smell to you like Michael.

Love My iPAD, too!

Prediction: Apple will sell a billion UNITS by 2014.


Mamma, youre smelling your own finger!

How can one base a forecast on 1 stock

Seems Dangerous to me

Kobe Fan

Apple is more than a stock. It is the soul of this market, a reminder that America burns with a flame of ingenuity that pessimism cannot stamp our. Fools sold Apple yesterday. Thank you! You have given us money.


When the feds buy their own debt keeping the rates low by creating the demand, interest rates do not paint a real picture of economic conditions.
When a stock trades at $100 and there are more sellers than buyers everyday, the stock should go down. If the feds come in and buy up the difference between buyers and sellers the stock price will remain unchanged.

Yelnick, sounds like you're switching to the Tony C. count:)
I lost all respect for Tony C. when he stated we were in a depression and then a couple of months later claimed we were in a new bull market.
How do you go from a depression to a new bull market in such a short period?
Did Ben whisper in his ear about the trillions he was about to drop?


MHD - on Tony, I respect his analyis even when I disagree. I do not buy his bullish count for reasons previously stated, and have not changed.


>Apple is more than a stock. It is the soul of this market

I'd go one step further and say Apple is the soul of our way of life. Exquisitely inducing primal desires for products we never knew we needed and, in fact probably didn't need at all. They elevated the engineering of consent that built our consumerist society to a new level only dreamed of before.

I mean how long has the tablet computer concept been around - since Star Trek? And they nailed it no doubt about it. As long as they run, the entire system will follow along.

Mamma Boom Boom

Virgil, a little tonque-in-cheek?

Wave Rust

kobe fan and virgil,

AAPL does not yet make an 8-track tape player, as far as I know.

When they do, I may buy my very first Apple product. As yet, they have not made anything that I want.

Most of the people I know don't own an Apple product. Tablets, pads, iphones are luxuries, not needs.

IMHO, food, water, shelter and ability to read, now, those are needs. :)

"Need" is a strong word. I may never "need" an Apple gizmo, unless the federal government makes a law, like mandatory Apple gizmo usage, that mandates owning an Apple product.

wave rust

Wave Rust

It took a few more days. this is where these are today

"crude, gaso, and usd are all ya need to figure where the short term is going.

short term(a few days)
92-93 crude
2.46 gaso
79, maybe 78 usd

wave rust
Posted by: Wave Rust | Sunday, December 12, 2010 at 07:22 PM

it's the old "gas up, with crude and usd down" conundrum, but I always give gasoline the nod for leading the next move.

wave rust


> Virgil, a little tonque-in-cheek?

What's the old line about dis-enthralling ourselves?

Wave Rust - ever look at gold? It's looking awfully lumpy.

wholesale electronics

Hey Jazz...great post here. I came here because Yahoo Finance did a story on Tony about him selling the company to Amazon for 1.2Billion. There was a slide show of his employees and one of the photos included You and Your sister Tony and others. I had to pause it to make sure it was you and yup it was you. Girl you get around. Let me know when you need photo coverage. I love your goings and comings. Love and peace.

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